About Charlie Moo's

The internet can be a bit of an anonymous place to do business and you can never really know the people you are doing business with from reading a few words. So we thought we would introduce ourselves and tell you a bit about who we are and what drives us. 

sewing fabric bags prima magazine 2010My name is Joanne and I'm 35 years old although I still feel 21! Together with my very supportive and utterly fabulous partner David (Daddy Moo), our three beautiful children, 8 year old son Charlie (MOO) and 7 year old daughter Megan and baby of the gang 4 year old Olive (you can read all about her will to prove doctors wrong on the blog) we live in rural Dorset. I spent my pre-child life as a Nursery School Manager, after having travelled a bit (where Daddy Moo and I met! Living the high life as holiday reps in Turkey) I set upon my career in childcare and started doing a Bsc Degree with the Open University (which I still am completing now!)

When I fell pregnant in 2006 I knew that being a full time mum was the way I wanted to go and Daddy Moo supported my decision fully. After a while though my head began to fill with dribble and I missed stimulation running a nursery had given me and thus Charlie Moo's was born.

I was disheartened by party bags, Charlie, had received at parties. Not only did the contents break straight away, they were generally age inappropriate and/or made of plastic. One party he received near enough a whole bag of chocolate. It became a slightly stressful experience. Charlie would wonder out of the party tightly clutching a plastic bag in his hand, after the Health and Safety Police had a rummage he'd be left in most cases with a balloon and bubbles. I took the plunge to build and start up my website after Megan was born in August 2008. I became very adapt at typing with one finger whilst breast feeding at 2am. I now sew all the fabric bags myself too! Family is very much at the heart of Charlie Moo's all my gang have a role to play - for example Megan's 4th birthday saw the launch of Princess Megan Moo and Olive's desire to swim and some help from Megan led to the design of MerMOO Olive.  

We pride ourselves in our unique array of items. Due to the fact that some items are pre-loved we may have a limited stock - which is stated. However pleased be assured that we only stock quality items. 

My first book ‘Crafting a Successful Small Business' was published in July 2012. I write a small business blog for mums looking to start a small business or marketing help along the way - www.joannedewberry.co.uk I also enjoy writing for various websites – including Sage UK where I am one of their Business Experts and I'm available for speaking and training too.

  • Highly Commended MumsClub PR Competition 2009  Award Winning
  • Winner of Future 100 Young Entrepreneur 2009
  • TGF Rated Award Winner 2009 - Fabric Party Bags
  • Langtry Manor Finalist Best Green 2010
  • Dorset Business Mum of the Year 2010 
  • Nominated MADS Blog Award 2010 & 2011 & 2012
  • Shortlisted Enterprise UK Make your Mark in the Markets
  • Recognised for Very Good Service 2010 
  • Shortlisted in the World Skill Competition 2010 (Networking Mummies) 
  • Shortlisted mumsandworking Business Parent Award 2010
  • Enterprise Nation Ideas 101 Winner June 2010 
  • Shortlisted Business Mum of the Year mumsclub.co.uk 2011
  • Finalist Best Use of Media (formally PR comp) 2011 
  • Langtry Manor Finalist PR Initiative 2011
  • Nominated in the Junior What’s On Awards – Best Party Supplies Charlie Moo’s 2011, 2012, 2013 
  • Bronze Website Award Charlie Moo’s Mumpreneur UK 2011
  • Mumpreneur 100 2011
  • #SBS winner 26th February 2012 Theo Paphitis 
  • Top 20 Dorset Business Mum of the Year 2012
  • Cow Awards 2013 – Best Quirky for MerMOO Olive
  • Nominated Best Online Business Venus Awards 2013 
  • Short listed Women in Business Women Inspiring Woman Awards 2013
  • Finalist Netmums Best Party Supplier 2013  
  • Semi Finalist Online and New Media Venus Awards 2014
  • Semi Finalist "Working Parent Blogger of the Year" 2014 - mumandworking.co.uk 
  • Runner Up Best Hobby to Small Business Advice - What's on 4 Me Awards 2014
  • iHubbub Best Home Blog for JoanneDewberry.co.uk  

Crafting a Successful Small Business