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  1. Last Summer (2017) Charlie (who is now 11) won Highly Commended in the Dorset Wildlife Trust Wildlife Friendly Gardens competition for Small Gardens. As he was the youngest person to enter he received a lot of press attention locally. 

    He worked really hard and has been working even harder ever since he's eyes firmly set on winning. This year he dug out an actual pond, which he filled with the newts, frogs and tadpoles from the washing up bowl he was rewarded with sightings of dragonflies hovering over hos new pond. He also built a bird house at Scouts and after we had a visitor living in the garden he helped Daddy Moo construct a hedgehog house too.bird box

    The children had also been completing the Bronze, Silver and Gold RSPB Challenges and I was beginning to collect quite a few certificates, awards and flyers.  It seemed such a shame to have them hidden away in a file so I reached out to my good friends at Teacherboards who sent the children an outdoor lockable magnetic boards.  There was much excitement so much so that when we went to Corfu the children insisted on buying a magnet with build in temperature gauge so they could see/record the garden temperature.


    I love that as it's magnetic you don't end up with lots of pin holes or blue tac everywhere.  We did raid the house for magnets though as we were getting the board ready for the 2018 Dorset Wildlife Trust Wildlife Friendly Garden Judges. But I noticed that Sundeala LTD sells magnetic tape which might be worth looking at.teacherboard magentic outside

    In portrait mode you can fit 9 A4 sheets easily in we have ours landscape as we had the perfect piece of wall jutting out as our neighbours have a conservatory. I love in the summer too how the weeping willow falls around it making it feel like the whiteboard is part of the garden and at one with nature.  The children wanted to use their 30 Days Wild Planner as the base and add more certificates, magnets, flyers and anything remotely wildlife friendly.  I absolutely love it! I love the sense of accomplishment and pride reading the certificates invokes. We also have lots of photographs of our coal tit chicks and frogs which Charlie is keen to turn into magnets and who can blame him. coal tit chick

    For home office and educational white boards, planners and do check out TeacherBoards and their sister site Sundeala. 

  2. We love a good panto we do.
    Oh no you don't!
    It's one of the many things that signifies Christmas in our household.
    Following 2018’s Record Breaking Christmas pantomime, Made-to-Measure Productions are returning to Weymouth Pavilion with the brand new Swashbuckling Summer Pantomime of PIRATES OF THE PAVILION! I didn't even know that summer panto's were a thing. The potty pirates find themselves face to face with DINOSAURS as the story takes a Jurassic twist with a journey back in time!Seadog Billy

    Image Credit: Weymouth Pavilion

    Weymouth Pavilion is a traditional seaside boutique theatre at the end of The Esplanade. The experience is intimate and LIAM MELLOR returning as SEADOG BILLY for a second season flowing with hilarious adlibs and laugh-out-loud comedy was #cracking! ROBERT SQUIRE returned for a fourth year as the bumbling CAPTAIN FILIBUSTER alongside TEGEN JONES as the magical SPIRIT OF THE SEAS aiding the the pirates in their adventures for the second year in a row! Although we haven't seen any of the other adventures, don't let this put you off all work perfectly as stand alone panto's.Pirate Poopy

    Image Credit: Weymouth Pavilion

    Other characters include new crewmember PIRATE POPPY, (ISLA ROSE) and despicable CAPTAIN BLACKHEAD, played by LEE NEAL. When we were invited to watch the show by the hilariously evil DEMONIA THE SEA WITCH, (LEE REDWOOD) herself and it wasn't until we arrived that Megan realised she is actually auditioning for Cinderella (Tivoli Wimborne) another Made-to-Measure Production.

    Megan (10) : I love love loved Weymouth's pantomine PIRATES OF THE PAVILION it was funny, crazy, adventurous all the things you want a pantomine to be I especially loved the adventures, plot twists and turns our pirates on a battle against the evil Captain Blackhead to a swashbuckling Jurassic adventure it was epic. I loved Seadog Billy he was HILARIOUS the choreography was fantastic. I am over the moon that this is the company I will be auditioning for because the panto was EPIC,  AMAZING, OUTSTANDING, BREATHTAKING, AWESOME, the best thing in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Weymouth Pirates of the Pavilion

    Image Credit: Weymouth Pavilion

    I was actually blown away by the stunning scenery and special effects! The incredible flying Pterodactyl which soared over our heads with no strings attached leading into the interval was phenomenal.  The dance troop was fantastic too, the mix of traditional panto jokes and songs alongside Bruno Mars and Greatest Showman had the balance just right to make this the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon! I'm only sad I didn't win the TV. (*disclaimer there was no TV to win *insert sadface*)  

    For full details and to book tickets, visit or call the box office on 01305 783 225.

    Tickets are priced at £16.00 for adults and £14.00 for concessions, with a family ticket (two adults and two children) costing £56.00 Show runs every Monday and Tuesday 2pm & 6pm until and including Wednesday 29th August 2018. 


    We were provided tickets in order to write this review, views are our own.