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  1. The first week of the Easter holidays we were housebound due to car issues. Which meant lots of garden play and trips to the skate park in the evening. So I had a lot of making up to do - you know what #mummyguilt is like! I started off with a trip to London to the V&A Childhood Museum for #HPEaster (more to come) then an impromptu visit to Linford Bottom, our Easter Egg hunt with Studland Sea School and we also went to Next HQ in Leicester. 

    We got to visit a mock up shop in Next HQ where they had the new Summer Season of clothing for children on display. 


    Love this picture of Megan that the Next photographer took! There was a play area set up for the children and it was lovely to see them making friends with new people. 

    next kids

    We also had an opportunity to speak to the design team. Here is Kara from ChelseaMamma letting them know what jersey designs she likes. I let my dislike for slogan t-shirts be known and we looked at the multi buys and how they could be more appealing. We also chatted about leggings and 3 piece sets! I think it was a useful exercise for Kara too as Olive gets a lot of Eliza's hand me down and now she knows what I like ;) hehe!

    next kids shoes

    Olive tried a few pairs of shoes on! I even ended up using our Next Gift Card to buy her some Peppa Pig jelly shoes!

    There is a fab colour range in store to suit everyone's tastes.  Charlie likes bright colours and t-shirts with animals on (although I think he was a little perplexed by the neon green braces!!) Megan is a bit more pink and girly, she loves dresses, leggings and long t-shirts. She prefers her clothing to have embellishments, sparkles and graffiti is a big hit at the moment. Olive hasn't quite got a style yet as she does have a lot of hand me down items - but she likes navy, green and red. Olive also prefers her clothing to be a bit less "girly" - she had a lovely pair of red shoes last summer from the boys line! But having said that she would team them up with a ballet skirt!  The price point for Next is a bit more than supermarket brands but the quality is there and the longevity of each piece too.  I love the "twofers" too - which is basically a skirt and top sewn together but from different ranges. Megan has a lovely denim skirt sewn to a bold print vest with Peter Pan collar. 

    After we were treated to lunch at a local Italian restaurant. Megan was in her olive elliment! 

    Megan eating olives

  2. On Wednesday we were lucky enough to spend the day with the lovely guys at Studland Sea School and our chums from ChelseaMamma. This time we weren't at Studland Beach but over on another site in Wareham. We literally were in some heathland in the middle of nowhere it was amazing! We started off with an Easter Egg hunt! 

    easter egg hunting

    Glad I had my Julie Slater & Son Mono Hoop Satchel to pop all the eggs in! 

    den building 2

    We made some more dens! We are getting rather good at this!  Luke showed Charlie how to sharpen a stick to use as a tent peg through the tarpaulin hole.  How clever!

     fire making

    We collected up lots of sticks of varying sizes and built a fire. It was really interesting to watch Dan and Luke using wax paper and a flint and steel (not a match insight!) to start a fire.  We learnt the correct way to place a stick onto the fire and no camp fire would be complete without safety rules and toasting marshmallows and making smoores! Yummy! 

    necklace making

    We also all made wooden pendents - Dan helped us to saw a piece of silver birch, drill a hole in it, thread some string through and then decorate with crayons.  I love how engaged Dan is with each child - his conversation is tailored to each child's needs as is his level of aid. Charlie was able to recall the knife skills learnt previously and the younger children (Olive and Eliza were just keen to get their hands on a drill!) Such a cute idea I even made one myself I've left it natural as I love the silver bark colour and the gorgeous grain to the wood.  This is a great activity which can be easily replicated at home after one of our many log gathering sessions at Avon Country Park!

    Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

    Big thanks to my personal photographer Kara from ChelseaMamma for another gorgeous set of images. 


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