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  1. When the opportunity to go and see Cinderella at The Anvil, Basingstoke popped into my inbox and I caught sight of the names Keith Chegwin and Katy Ashworth there was no way I could say no!!! Hot off the excitement of seeing Robin Hood earlier in the week all day Sunday was spent listening to “are we going yet!”. The hour drive to Basingstoke was then filled with “are we there yet”! But it was worth it! Cheggers and Katy didn't disappoint! Full of energy and excitement, really engaging and the script was full of throwbacks to cooking which the children loved!

    Buttons Cinderella

    Keith Chegwin as Buttons (Anvil Arts)

    The children are too young to really appreciate who Cheggers is but as children of the 80's Daddy Moo and I were beside ourselves! Katy, on the other hand needed no introduction seeing as she has entertained all 3 moo's on Cbeebies presenting one of the flagship series I Can Cook. Recently she has returned, after the birth of her son Charlie (great taste in names) in more of a presenter role – which thankfully puts me off the hook having to cook her creations with Olive! Phew!

    Cinderella is everything you want in a panto! Fairy Godmother check! Happless hero check! 2 drag queens check! Incredibly good looking prince check and lots of cute children dancing check check!

    Katy Cinderella Anvil

    Cbeebies Katy Ashworth as the Fairy Godmother (Anvil Arts) 

    My favourite bits were when the cast kept calling for the house lights to come up and then they randomly started telling someone in the audience they weren't participating properly and that person had to stand up by themselves and do a solo! So very funny!! Also when Ugly Sister Cilla, played by Jamie Morris, tried on the glass slipper and fell off his chair loosing his wig a startled Moo shouted “MUMMY IT'S A BOY!” bless him! It must have been the super fabulous array of outfits that Cilla and Daisy (played by Tarot Joseph) wore had him none the wiser! I mean how many people do you know that can get away with dressing up as a burger and fries! McDonald's McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut!

    Ccinderella Anvil

    Cilla, Cinderella and Daisy (Anvil Arts)

    Sarah Louise Day, was adorable as Cinderella and Prince Charming, Ben Harlow; sang a rendition of Olive's favourite 1D song everybody wants to steal my girl! The story was very traditional and had all the classic panto jokes and two adorable white ponies pulling the pumpkin carriage! We really enjoyed it! However we did find the Basingstoke audience took a while to wake up! Unlike us mad 5 screaming “Buttons” and jumping up in our seats! It wasn't a busily attended performance and the adult to child ratio was quite high which is where I think the atmosphere was a little lacking.

    Cinderella runs until Sunday 4 January 2015. A Relaxed Performance will be held on Friday 2 January, at 2pm. This specially adapted performance is for those on the autistic spectrum and with other disabilities.

    The relaxed performance means that the auditorium lights will remain on throughout, and the audience free to come and go during the performance.  Additional wheelchair spaces will be created in the auditorium and the performance will also be signed.  The foyers remain open and the audience can watch the performance via a television relay if they prefer; there are also Quiet Zones in The Forge and the Linden Room.

    During the performance itself, the music and sound effects will be quieter and gentler in tone, and no pyrotechnics will be used. 

    Tickets are now on sale, so call The Anvil box office on 01256 844244.  For the most up-to-date information, use the Anvil Arts website 

  2. Olive and I went on a little adventure to London to a Crafting event with DryNites® . We left a grumpy M&M and Daddy Moo half asleep and cursing us at Bournemouth train station and boarded the 7:22 to Waterloo in a buzz of excitement. Being 3 everything is still in the super excitement phase “look mummy a frozen field” “look mummy a station”. She was less impressed when we arrived at Waterloo and she saw the London Eye – made me chuckle as I remembered a very green Moo aged 6 sitting in the middle of the pod wishing the eye to stop and nearly passing out when he saw how small the trains were from the top!


    When we arrived at Tea and Crafting a lovely little craft workshop above Camden Market we were greeted by the DryNites® Team and the lovely Tamara Melvin (finalist in The Great British Sewing Bee). 3 other bloggers and their children arrived and once we tore the children away from the fruit platter we set about with the tasks for the day.

    DryNites® Tamara

    Tamara Melvin 

    First job was to make a sun catcher. Olive choose a Christmas tree shape which she drew round herself and attempted to cut, I did end up cutting it out for her but I pushed my OCD aside and actually cut round the shape she drew so it was very lumpy bumpy but that's what makes it so beautiful! Olive and I then glued down coloured tissue paper popped the frame on top and Tamara laminated it for her. To say she was chuffed is a mini understatement! The tree is now hanging on our dinning room window and I'm pretty sure even after Christmas it will stay there.

    The second job was to use an old jumper to make a stocking. I had my reservations of how much “help” Olive was actually going to be!! I tend to keep her well clear of pins and the sewing machine. But she surprised me and I think the relaxed environment, the lovely helpful DryNites® Team and Tamara's expert guidance ensured we all had something to be proud of at the end!

    stocking making

    Pinning the pattern

    I literally let Olive do everything from drawing the snowman shapes to cutting them out, choosing the ribbons, bells and baubles and helping Amy from DryNites® to make a pompom. I did hand sew it all together and then Tamara machine sewed the stocking. It was actually really easy to make and definitely something I would try and replicate myself. Being an artist I know that Megan would really enjoy making her own personalised stocking and I'd never thought of sewing craft foam before. I can see the advantages no fraying! 

    stocking making olive

    What do we do now? Errr .. how do I know I'm only 3!

    pinning stockings

    Pinning her pattern

    baubles for stockings

    Which baubles shall I have? Hummm .... these Elsa stylee ones of course! 

    olive and mummy drynites

    Yes I'm wearing half a jumper round my neck .... 

    We had a lovely day and Olive is so proud of her stocking that she has already said she's not using her handmade sack that I made her years ago this Christmas Eve! Charming!  Thank you so much to the DryNites® Team and Tamara - if you have the chance to attend one of their Crafting events do it!!!  

    Photo credit - Issy Crocker