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  1. My children do not have showroom style bedrooms. I weep when I see perfectly styled rooms on Instagram and wonder where did I go wrong? The girls room itself is painted in lovely colours hot pink and blue, with gorgeous decoration, keeps sakes, pictures and STUFF! And this is what appears to be our problem, the stuff! It gets everywhere! On the beds, under the beds, on the window sill, in the hall, literally EVERYWHERE except inside those lovely storage boxes I bought for it all. 

    Here are 5 top tips to keeping your child's room tidy from the STUFF!


    1. Kids Beds: Choose a bed that comes with under bed storage this stops that horrid pile up of STUFF under the bed! If the room is small, like Moo's, go for a high sleeper or cabin bed with a wardrobe and book shelving as this maximises the room space.  I'm a fan of the kids beds from Ollie & Leila which offer all different types of hidden storage space - so you can push the mess under the bed and pretend it's been magically taken away..

    2. Pretty Storage Boxes : Put everything in boxes and stack these up either inside the cupboard or on a storage cube. Obviously you then have to train encourage your children to put the correct toys in the correct boxes.

    3. Shelving : Use shelving to display play sets and special teddies. This way the children have to ask for these items rather than them been thrown all over the floor even when not in use.

    4. Make the bed everyday : Sounds stupid but how often have you as a parent just shut their bedroom door in the morning and thought I'll ignore that. When the children come in to the room and the bed is a mess (Megan is a wriggler she looses her sheets daily!) what message is this sending out to them?

    5. Less is more : It's the run up to Christmas and the perfect time to reassess the STUFF situation. I'm sure like my girls your children have an abundance of toys they don't play with, need or want, think about selling them or donating to charity and regain some space! Also consider writing a list of toys/gift they actually NEED for Christmas rather than acquiring mountains of new STUFF.

    * TOP TIP do this when your children are at school as heavens forbid they should see you trying to throw away that 3 legged giraffe! *

    I'd love to hear your top tips to not becoming overwhelmed by STUFF! Or tips to encouraging your child to keep their bedroom tidy! We need these in abundance!



    This post is a collaboration with Ollie and Leila and complies with my Disclosure Policy.

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  2. Last week Daddy Moo and I were invited to Thistle Hotel Poole for a Fireworks party. As the day progressed and the weather got worse and worse and tsunami style I must admit I was a little concerned! We arrived after 6 and checked ourselves into our room. The Thistle Poole is located on the Quay and had it not been raining the views are divine. I LOVED the little pair of binoculars on the dresser! Perfect for a spot of boat and wildlife watching. Our room was lovely and clean, we were located on the ground floor, there was a sofa also in our room which pulled out to form another bed for the kids – BUT hehe! We hadn't taken them!! (I know 3 child free nights away in 2 weeks!! How had this happened!)

     thistle hotel

    Daddy Moo popped the kettle on and found a little box of chocolates which I devoured in seconds! Yummy! We made our way to the bar and met up with Kara and Hubby from ChelseaMamma. I ordered some drinks, as you'd expect from a hotel 2 glasses of wine, a beer and a cider was half the price of my weekly shop! We were greeted by the manager and taken to another room, which is used for conferences and the restaurant for the evening as the upper one with stunning views was booked for a wedding. After a glass of champagne and a chat with the other bloggers and staff we made our way out to a 50ft President Motor Boat, called Good Times from Poole Boat Charters. Although the weather had cleared and the rain subsided a decision was made that it was too choppy to get out on the boat. Instead we sat in the boat, drinking wine, eating crisps and putting the world to right. We made our way onto the deck and watched the spectacular fireworks display. This is one of the biggest free fireworks displays in the country Poole Tourism do a grand job.

    poole fireworks 2015

    I did feel like royalty standing on a boat watching the fireworks whilst 100's of people stood on the Quay watching, however as much as I waved my Queen wave nobody seemed to notice! Good Times, is owned by husband and wife team Simon and Drenagh. It boasts three bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and living space and is actually their home moored on Poole Quay! Charters are priced from £65 per person for a half day. I'm keen to go out around Brownsea Island and discover more of Poole Quay and it's surroundings.

     good times poole boat charters

    After the fireworks we made our way back to the Thistle Hotel for a 3 course dinner. The food was amazing! We had ordered mozzarella flat bread as a starter and it was massive Daddy Moo and I could have shared one! After our main; Daddy Moo had steak and I had teriyaki noodles, I was already beginning to feel stuffed and barely ate any of my Eton Mess! Gutted!!!

     thistle hotel poole food

    I don't always sleep well away from home and I think the howling winds played a major part, plus a few glasses of vino I wasn't feeling my best the next day! However Daddy Moo and I made our way up to the restaurant for breakfast. Although it was raining again the views across the Quay are gorgeous. We picked a table near the window, grabbed a coffee, juice and MASSIVE cooked breakfast and stared out across the water.

     poole thistle hotel

    The Thistle Hotel Poole has a prime location with stunning views, it's also excellently priced with rooms from as little as £59. I'd definitely like to revisit in the Summer for a much needed break from the children! The outside courtyard would be a delightful place to sit on a warm evening, listening to the lapping of waves and the cooing of seagulls over a glass of something cold.


    This is a reveiw but all views are my own.