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  1. easter door wreath

    This Christmas using a few odds and ends I created a lovely door wreath. I literally bodge it together a week before Christmas so I didn't have time to do a tutorial etc... When my Bostik Bloggers February box arrived with an Easter theme and I saw the feathers with wire ends I just knew I wanted to create an Easter themed door wreath.

    First I decided what bits from the box I would use, found the last of the plastic lavender I bought to make the girls flower hair garlands and some red shredded packaging paper. I took a photo of the lot as I still wasn't entirely sure what I would do!

     easter wreath collage

    I started with a wire hoop Daddy Moo made for me. First I wound the lavender round and secured at the top and bottom with florist tape. I did each piece individually so as to strengthen the wire hoop. Next I added the feathers, as with the lavender I secured the wire with florist tape.

    easter wreath part one

    I toyed with what to do next. I had thought about using the shredded paper and plait it but as soon as I started to bits of paper kept falling off. I wish I'd taken a photo of this step but I literally just scrunched the red paper around the wire until it was completely covered. Next I loosely wrapped a piece of ribbon round.

    Using the brown shredded paper I moulded a nest shape in my hand and sprayed the inside with Bostik Fast Tak spray glue and filled with glittery eggs. I then sprayed the bottom and placed it on the wreath. I then placed a few flower stickers on the wreath.  I tied the wreath to the door knocker with ribbon. (although with the rubbish weather I have put it inside for now!)

     easter wreath bostik

    I'm tempted to add more decorations but I'm undecided. The best thing with this kind of project is there is no set rules just make it up as you go along … well that's what I do! 



    Disclaimer: I have been provided with these materials for the purpose of this post from Tots100/Bostik Bloggers 2016

  2. Driving is something I take for granted, everyday I drive the children to and from school, swimming, ballet. Everything we do requires a car and I don't ever think much about it. Until the car breaks down and then I cry like a baby! Living in a rural village where the bus' are once an hour is no fun with 3 children and NO CAR! I seriously couldn't be without my car so I try to take good care of it. Checking the oil, water, removing mouldy plums from the door frames (don't ask!) and of course the tyres.

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    Do you enjoy driving? Our beautiful surroundings can also be a god send on rainy days. Driving through the New Forest, checking out the ponies, eating ice-cream in the car. My only bug bear is that in the 15 years I've been driving I've always driven small cars which isn't always great when there are 5 of you! Arguing, moaning and exclaims of “are we there yet” drive me nuts! Would be so much easier if they could drive their own cars!


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