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  1. As a family we are still slowly heading into becoming techie! Which is kind of ironic when my job involves me spending coupious amounts of time online! Most of our phones are android, the children share an iPad mini and play games on a retro Nintendo DS. What we lack in tech though we make up for in boundless amounts of energy and imagination. We were invited to try StikBots and their stop motion app. The app itself is free and the bendy Stikbot characters are under £5 making them a great pocket money toy.

    stop motion

    The StikBot characters come in a variety of colours and have the ability to mimic human motion. The bendy movements enable StikBot to be whatever you want; from break-dancing phenomenon to scaling walls like Spiderman. The feet and hands have little suckers on them helping the StikBot to keep his shape. The flexibility enables your child to let their imagination run wild.

    We downloaded the app onto the children's iPad and hit a few issues. If we had an iphone we'd have loaded it there and from all the reviews I've read it's a huge success. But for some reason the app on iPad had a few glitches. The app itself is easy to use and there are some excellent features : green screen, music uploads and increasing the speed of the stop motion.

    First we had problems with the app freezing which caused the children to lose the project they were working on. Projects didn't get saved properly and after the initial excitement the children soon lost interest completely.

    The Stikbot team sent me a great list of troubleshooting tips :

    • Ensure that the software on their phone is completely up to date. This will ensure any updates on the app will work.

    • Once this has been done we suggest you delete the app and re-download it. Hopefully the app will now start working

    • If the app still does not work check your settings allow access to the camera.

    I started by deleting the app, removing images and rubbish to free up more storage. After updating all software I finally uploaded the app and things seemed to be going much better. However Charlie had now decided that Stikbots and stop motion weren't for him and refused to even entertain it! Handy! So as all good blogging mummies do I started to set up my own mini stage and thought I'd give StikBot a go myself.

    However upon opening the app I found 20 videos created by Megan! I found a mix of little videos in there using the StikBot characters and her Sylvanian Families. I couldn't stop laughing at the mouse wiggling his tail! I've managed to mix them all together and create a little show real for her! I hope you like it!

    *Excuse the mess in the background! She's not the tidiest girl!*

    You can download the StikBot app from itunes :


  2. I am the kind of person that cares about how and where my money is invested. More often than not, when I have enough money, I try to buy things that can be very useful in our house. For my last pet project, I was able to get a decent device that could help me make my family happy early in the morning. I personally think that I have bought the best cappuccino makerout there now and so far the results have been really good. I had an easier time preparing coffee for my husband and my kids. Now, they can also instantly have a cup or two whenever they want to indulge themselves in such beverage.

    coffee machines


    Photo Credit | Shutterstock

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    Varying brands and varying prices

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    Be very careful when shopping online

    Sometimes, people tend to choose to do things the easy way. I am honestly admitting that I am one of them. I brought what I consider to be the best cappuccino maker through online shops. But doing this is not that simple. There are a couple of things that you should consider like making sure you only agree on what is known as “cash on delivery” scheme where you are only obliged to pay your order when you are already holding it.

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