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  1. For Christmas Nanny MOO made the girls up a Frozen parcel of bits and pieces – flannels, lip balm, jewellery, stickers and some hair detangling spray – which if you have ever seen bird nest head Olive you know is a necessity in my house! Not only did the spray smell lovely but it worked a treat and to top it off Olive was happy to use it as “it's the kind Elsa uses” obviously!

    Since then I started noticing more and more bath toys and children's toiletries in the H&A range. They always appear to be excellent value for money and adorned with all the children's favourite characters. Available in ASDA, Sainsbury's, Wilko and Tesco they aren't hard to get your hands on.

    The Bathtime Buddies range is H&A’s own collection of bathtime accessories designed to bring education and fun to your child’s wash routine. Olive was sent a tub of Alphabet letters to bring a bit of fun back into her bathtime, which had become over run with HEXBUGS aqua bots.

    After a muddy walk this one is enjoying her new foam letters @tots100 #bathtimefun #review

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    When you first open the tub you can't help but notice the holes in the lid. This is pure genius! You literally scoop all the letters in to the tub put the lid on and drain out the water! It's such a quick and efficient way to tidy up (it doesn't help with the water on the floor situation! Why do they insist on flooding the bathroom?)

    The tub contains 65 foam letters in various colours. They stick to the bath or tiles when wet, very easily. Olive currently enjoys sticking them to the walls and shouting out letters she recognises. When she has a bath with big sister, Megan will spell words out for Olive and it's nice to see them teaching and learning in a fun environment.


    My 3yr old is a genius! She's written boooo coincidence? I think not!! #bathtimefun #review

    A photo posted by Joanne Dewberry (@charliemoos) on

    The package does say 3+ being foam you do need to ensure your child doesn't try and eat them. Even though she's nearly 4 Olive is still very mouth tactile and I did have to stop her nibbling a G! These are priced at £3.30 which is a complete bargain! I wished we'd got some a long time ago! 

    The Bathtime Buddies Alphabet Set were sent to us in order to review. For the chance to become part of an official H&A blogging ambassador programme 'Fun Squad'.

  2. When we moved into our first family home just Daddy Moo, baby Moo and I it was always going to be temporary. 7 years and 2 more moo's later we finally moved into a house fit for our family. A lot of our living room furniture had been “make do” and hand me downs. Not to our real tastes. I knew the first thing we definitely needed was a new stand for our TV. Years ago we were given a big old TV with its own silver and glass doored stand. When this TV died and we got a new one we never replaced the stand. The TV sat uncomfortably on the top not matching and to be honest it was pretty ugly.  We bought this beautiful cabinet lovingly shabby chic painted. I love the feel of the wood and the distressed look. 

    "Stuff" is filling up the living room!!! #moving

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    Originally we had 2 fabric sofa's that were hand me downs from Nanny C. They were cream and worn and not really to our taste. When Networking Mummies published our first Dorset Business Mums Magazine I used my profit share to buy a lovely brown leather sofa. Then eventually we replaced another with a silver grey fabric one. Which was a huge mistake! The fabric sofa is so comfortable but always looks so dirty! I've tried cleaning it with the steam cleaner and carpet cleaner but it never looks clean!

    I'd like to get some kind of corner sofa style but Daddy Moo isn't as keen on having essentially one sofa in the house. He's such a meanie! Just imagine all the lovely snuggles we can have the 5 of us instead of children moaning they aren't sat near mummy! Daddy Moo's taste can be quite eclectic and eccentric so he'd much prefer a leather patchwork sofa. Stylish, colourful and easy to keep clean.

    We eat every meal together as a family around a table so having a large family dinning table is really important to us. In our previous house due to size restrictions we had a small rectangle table up against the wall which could only seat 5 and not that comfortably. In Nanny C's garage we had been storing a large pine country cottage table with 4 stunning chairs. Although we have 6 mix matched chairs, the table needs some sanding and Daddy Moo is keen to paint the pedestal grey I love having a large family table.

    A photo posted by Rebecca Bodkin (@clearlybex) on

    I've bought some gorgeous curtains which I saw on instagram! For both the patio doors and living room window as the ones we have are far too dark. I know it will take time to all come together and feel like a proper family home (there is so much decorating to do!) but I'm dead impatient.

    What about you? Do you enjoy dabbling with your home interiors? Are you a closet DIY fan? 

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