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  1. After 6 weeks summer holiday what you really need is a sickness bug! And why is it they are always sick in their beds! It started with Olive and ended with me so that's all 5 of us who have had it! Thankfully we were sent some gorgeous Fairy Non-Bio gel and softener to try and it was a welcome sight!

    Fairy is currently running a campaign #PowerOfSoft. Not only did the children's sheets smell clean and fresh they were super soft and perfect for snuggling up in when you are feeling rotten!

    When Olive turned 3 in May it was the first time we'd got this far in age without having another baby in the house. I don't WANT another child but my womb did weep a little at the thought that never again will I experience those new baby cuddles. As they get older cuddles are reserved for bedtimes and when they want something. Moo is 7 and looks pretty mortified if I try and hug him at school (he's already asked me to call him Charlie in front of his friends! #whoops!). As the saying goes “time flies when you are having fun!”

    You can really see how fast they have grown when you look at the first day back at school photos here are ours 2011 Charlie's first day, 2012 Megan's first day, 2013 & 2014.

    school days

    Top Tip! Ensure you get the dates right! After our mammoth first day of school photo sessions with Charlie followed by the whole family taking him to school we arrived to find it a teacher training day! #Whoops

    And if you feel sad by the children growing up then remember there are more adventures to come … only as they get bigger they get muddier! Thank goodness for Fairy Non-Bio! 


    For further information on Fairy's #PowerOfSoft campaign check out this video.

  2. I don't know about you but I'm always baffled by breakfast! You can see why so many children eat high sugar content cereals when a box (which doesn't last a week in our house) of decent cereal costs nearly £3 and yet the sugary chocolate kinds are always £1. We tend to start with a piece of fruit – apple, banana or grapes. Then toast or cereal (normally something along the cheerio line).

    The British Nutrition Foundation advises that children who eat a healthy breakfast are less likely to snack on foods that are high in fat or sugar later in the day. They also recognise that many studies have shown regular breakfast consumption results in children performing better at school compared to those who don't eat breakfast.

    A healthy, nutritious breakfast is especially important for children who have high nutritional needs as their bodies are developing each day. Adding chia seeds to your child's diet is a simple way to ensure they get this nutrition with the highest combined plant-based source of Omega 3, fibre and protein and packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. "It can be challenging to get enough protein and healthy fats into children's diets, especially when we're short on time," says Jenna Zoe, nutritionist, founder of Foods to Love and author of Super Healthy Snacks and Treats.

    I've never tried chia seeds before but a few of my friends who juice and smoothie make regularly use them a lot – I think always my initial response is where would you buy those?

    Jenna recommends children try a chilled Chia Pod made from chia seeds, coconut milk and fruit - available in banana, mango, vanilla bean and blueberry from Tesco's nationwide.  Each pod provides 100% of your recommended daily requirement of Omega-3 and 25% fibre. Every Chia Pod also comes with a spoon in the lids so it's quick and easy to eat - kids could even manage one in the car on the way to school on the days you're really rushed!

     chia pods

    OK so eating in the car I don't advocate – meals should always be eaten together at the table. Anyway we gave the Chia Pods ago. The blueberry one smelled amazing!! The first thing you are struck by is the look and texture. It actually resembles frog spawn. I think for the kids this put them off straight away. The taste is also a bit watery and then texture is random. The frog spawn is lumpy and smooth but also crunchy. We also tried the mango flavour but this too didn't get the children excited. Being one who doesn't like to waste food I did keep eating them, must admit I didn't finish the tube but I was surprised by how full I started to feel.

    £2.59 a pot is a price tag I couldn't justify myself for 5 people every morning. However being that it is just fruit, chia seeds and coconut milk I'm sure you could make your own version.

    If you visited the Bournemouth Air Show at the end of August you might have spotted Chia Pods doing samples – did you try them?

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