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  1. Well I know you are all dying to know how Charlie Moo's party went and I don't blame you!! Now I have fully recovered from the 4 day celebration I can tell you all about it!
    We invited all Moo's friends to join us for a picnic at Moor's Valley and crossed our fingers the weather was nice! Luckily it was!!
    Moo and his friends enjoyed feeding the ducks, playing in the sand park and eating a yummy picnic, some even enjoyed a ride on the train! All in all a lovely day.
    Picnic Party
    Charlie and some of his friends eating lunch.
    Moo Slide
    Moo on the slide 
    Train ride
    Sleeping in a basket
    Megan chillaxing in a basket under the picnic table ... it all got a bit too much! 
  2. I have been so busy I've had very little time to blog lately!!
    What has been taking up all my time I hear you ask! Well firstly I have teamed up with the lovely Laura from Rent a Buggy to start up our own business mummy networking group as we felt that Dorset was seriously lacking one! So what started as a way to meet other mums with businesses has turned into a website and organised meets with guest speakers to learn more about that check out our site Networking Mummies Dorset.
    I have also been busy busy with my little boy... the real Charlie Moo who turned 2 on Friday 27th March.  Like any 2 year old this process has lasted so far a grand total of 3 days with more to come! Thursday we go to Art Club so never one to miss an opportunity Charlie gave each of his friends a little Charlie Moo's gift, containing a yummy homemade biscuit, spinning top and balloon ArtClubGift Here's a lovely pick with the bags amoungst moo's balloons and cake topper (from the fabulous Ollie's Closet).  Friday was his birthday and Daddy took the day off so we all went swimming ... it was Megan's first time she loved it! Which excites me more about our holiday in April .. lots of swimming to be done.  MooPresent
    Moo and his wooden construction vehicle, one of his many presents! Wrapped in old Thomas the tank magazines! 
    Then today we took them to Longleat Safari Park .. you might have seen it on BBC2's Animal Park.  David recently met Darren from pets corner when he came to collect some fish to feed the Pelican's.  We had a great time, weather was lovely and the animals were very good at making sure they were in full view (except the lions who decided to sleep behind a hill!) I won't bore you with a ton of animal photos but here's a rhino David was particularily proud of! Thinks hes a pro photogapher too now! RhinoBless him! Megan and Moo got to ride up front on our knees so plenty of time for Megan to wave at random people and pretend to drive! We had a hairy moment in the Tiger enclosure when the tigers were happily chilling and Charlie decided to turn the Ting Tings up very loud and shout 'name' 'name'! One tiger stirred as David quickly turned it down again!!! I will happily admit I was semi scared! 
    Here's a pic of my 3 favourite people outside the giraffe paddock.
    I like this pic as Megan has started smiling in photos and Charlie has realised that MDMthe face he makes comes up on the screen! Kids don't you just love the fact they can't do anything in unison! After Longleat you'll be shocked to hear we didn't then drive home but instead go to my parents house for another tea party in honour of Charlie Giltrow with more cake and presents! Finally we get home and the children are tucked up in bed ...but no time to relax! No way I've got 20 party bags to organise for his lordships 2nd birthday party! I decided to provide the children with a choice of either a cloth of a paper bag .. hopefully we'll have no fighting! Each one is filled with balloons, raisins, spinning top, roll tongue animal, jungle pencil, bubbles and a mini heart duck all wrapped up bautifully in a cear cello bag which fits perfectly into the cloth or paper party bags. Party Bags Moo2
    Moo2 Bags
    We also have 5 babies coming so I made them up little cello bags with a Charlie Moo badge and snazzy castanetinside so they don't feel left out. 
    Baby Gift
    So all i have left to do now is get some sleep in preparation for day 4 of Charlie Moo's 2nd Birthday!