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  1. Swan Lake Saint Petersburg Classical Ballet | Lighthouse Poole | Review

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    It's no secret how much Megan loves the ballet.Last week whilst mooching around Wimborne Library she spotted a book “The Orchard Book of Stories from the Ballet” retold by Geraldine McCaughrean. It's beautifully illustrated and reads like a classic fairytale retelling the story simply of some of Megan's most favourite ballet, including The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. Swan Lake Lighthouse

    Saint Petersburg Classic Ballet returned to Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts from 24-28 January complete with full orchestra to perform Giselle and Swan Lake. Megan was so excited to see the performance especially as she has just taken her Ballet exam and Daddy Moo installed a ballet barre for her. We've had a few odd jobs to do around the house and sadly Daddy Moo's drill has been on it's last legs! Luckily FFX came to the rescue and offered us a Makita Combi Drill he literally jumped at the chance. Megan has been after a ballet barre for a while now but you'd be surprised how expensive they are. In good old fashion upcycling style we rescued an old neglected, off to the tip stair rail which the Makita made light work of installing as a ballet barre. We now have one super happy ballerina.

    ballet barre installation

    Swan Lake is Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece, a tragic tale of love and betrayal with an instantly recognisable score.This is the epic story of Prince Siegfried and his true love Odette who, tricked by the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart and his daughter Odile, would rather die together than live apart. It always amazes me how sad and tragic the stories are and yet they are told in such a delicate manner. Once the performance was finished she insisted we see the orchestra and she watched them pack up their instruments and told them how good they were.

    Megan (9) : It was AMAZING!!! All the dancers were really good. I loved their pretty dresses. I thought that the ladies dancing the parts of Odette and Odile were the best. It was positively the 2nd best ballet I've seen.

    Swan LakeSaint Petersburg Classic Ballet’s youthful company has been earning rave reviews from audiences and dance critics, thanks to their technical ability and heartwarming storytelling. Under the direction of Marina Medvetskaya, the company has won plaudits across Russia, Scandinavia, the United States and the UK. Combining classical training and technique with the best-loved Russian ballets, their performances have an air of magic and feature stunning sets, lavish costumes and sublime dancers. I just love watching Megan watching ballet, she gets utterly lost in the music and dance.  



  2. Meeting Jacqueline Wilson by Megan age 9

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    Megan is a bookworm. There's no other descriptive word for it. She constantly has her head stuck in a book. During the summer she could be found lying in the sunshine or under a slide reading. When she isn't reading Megan writes short stories inspired by things she has read and places we have been. One of her favourite authors is Jacqueline Wilson, we even been listening to The Butterfly Club in the car. We recently had the opportunity to see Jacqueline on her book tour promoting Hetty Feather's Christmas, organised by Waterstones Castlepoint and held at the Lighthouse, Poole.

    But Megan can tell you better than I can about it …..Jacqueline Wilson

    I absolutely loved Jacqueline Wilson at the Lighthouse, Poole.

    It was amazing to hear her talk about her life and books, especially Hetty Feather.

    I like it when Jacqueline told us that she always wanted to be a writer.

    Mummy really liked the bit when Jacqueline Wilson had a similar problem to me.

    She had written a long story but her teacher wrote comments only about the “wrong bits”.

    I had to write a first day of school diary entry. I wrote 7 pages.

    Most people in my class wrote 1 or 2 pages.

    But my teacher told me my paragraphing and describing was too long.

    This made me a bit sad.

    But hearing about Jacqueline made me feel inspired that one day I can write books (maybe with lots of descriptions).

    Hearing Jaqueline Wilson talking about her childhood was amazing because it was ever so similar to mine. As I am 100% terrible at maths.

    It has just made me more confident that I could be that author on stage talking about MY books.jacqueline wilson book tour 

    I couldn't believe that I won the raffle and got to meet Jacqueline Wilson!

    Only 30 children got selected.

    This made the day amazing, which was already quite good as it was Mummy's birthday.

    I had written her a note at home I couldn't believe I was going to give it to her myself!

    She signed a picture of herself and I nervously gave her my letter.

    She opened it and read it out loud.

    Jacqueline said she really like my letter and story idea and couldn't wait to read it one day!


    Mummy took a photo of us together.


    During the talk, Jacqueline spoke about Hetty Feather, her new book is about Hetty Feather's Christmas and she talked about Rose Rivers.

    It all sounds so exciting when I finished reading Clover Moon I'm going to read these.

    I'm a big fan of Jacqueline Wilson books.

    I'm a very quick reader, because I just love books.

    I told my Nanny about the day and how Jacqueline Wilson was a journalist and a magazine was named after her called “Jackie”. Nanny said she remembered this magazine.

    I absolutely loved hearing and meeting Jacqueline Wilson. 


    A huge thank you to the team at Waterstones for inviting us and making a little girls dream come true.