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  1. Simple Baby Doll Carrier | Tutorial

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    simple baby doll carrier

    Olive loves dolls! A few years back with her Christmas money she bought a car seat for her doll, it wasn't very expensive but boy is it annoying! She insists on taking her doll (currently a my little BABY born® Bathing Fun called Chocolate) out in this car seat, however she's not happy with it just in the car she wants to carry it around. This never lasts very long and I'm left "holding the baby!" which was starting to annoy me. I did a quick pinterest search and found lots of tutorials for making frankly quite complicated baby carriers for dolls!  When Olive was a baby I had a fantastic BabaSling and although I didn't really want make something adjustable I thought the circle idea might work.  I basically hashed together a few ideas I saw online and well Olive loves it and that's the main thing! 

    baby carrier step one

    Olive choose 2 types of fabric, a thin fleece and the strawberry cotton. I cut them roughly 40 inches by 12 inches. 

    You can adjust this measurement to suit the size of your child. I wanted Olive to get a lot of use from her baby sling so it's not snug.

    I recommend using fleece inside as its comfortable on the skin, plus this doll wees so it's absorbent if need be.

    baby carrier step two

    I pinned the two pieces together so that the patterns were facing each other. 

    Using a sewing machine I stitched the two long sides together leaving each short end open. 

    baby carrier step three

    Push the fabric through the channel to turn it the right way - pattern on the outside.

    baby carrier step four

    I folded the two pieces in half and pinned the ends together. Sew these together. Yes that is four pieces of fabric. 

    I tried to sew a rounded end. 

    baby carrier step five

    Trim off the excess and fold the piece in half again and repeat. This means that the stars is on the outside.

    Turn inside out so that the strawberries are back on the outside and place over the child's shoulder.

    I put the seam at the bottom. 

    Place baby inside and adjust around the child. 

    baby carrier collage

    Olive is a Baby Born Brand Ambassador we were sent the doll for purpose of review. This tutorial is not endorsed by Baby Born. 

  2. Olive's Pony Party | Birthday Parties

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    That feeling when you wake up in the morning after a gloriously sun shining day before to er ... rain. Yes rain. On the day of your daughters 4th birthday party. But not just any party. A party standing in a field with horses and ponies. Yes that long-awaited Pony Party that your daughter hasn't stopped talking about since she first rode a pony at Farmer Palmers.  You know that feeling whereby you just want to cry uncontrollably and throw a few toys out of your pram! How dare it rain! 

    #ponyparty #Olive #cowgirl

    A photo posted by Joanne Dewberry (@charliemoos) on

    Olive on the other hand was oblivious to my breakdown as she dressed herself in her cowgirl finest.

    We headed off to Pony Palace a bit early with a car full of snack boxes and handmade pony party bags.  As if by magic the clouds started to lift and the rain stopped.  I've never been so happy to see a bit of blue sky!!  The actual pony riding part is under cover, where Daddy Moo helped move the picnic tables for our party tea.  

    Once all of her little chums arrived we met our ponies Star and Robbie. Robbie was massive! I was so shocked that 2 of the really little 3/4 years olds rode him!  We started off by giving them all a groom. Well what pony doesn't like a pamper! 

    pony grooming

    In two's the children the took turns in riding the pony, whilst the other held the reins. A few of the children were a little nervous, the Pony Palace staff were excellent, really comforting and happy to hold anyone hands whilst on the pony. There was lost of encouragement and praise. After everyone who wanted to had ridden the ponies we then in our two teams had a pony race! Which was lots of fun with lots of shouting at our ponies to go faster and lots of laughing at Olive who forgot to pick up the donkey! Team Robbie were leading most of the way but in the last leg Team Star captained by the birthday girl just pipped them to the post!

    pony riding

    All the children were awarded pink Pony Palace Rosettes and Robbie showed Isaac and Eliza just how tired he was with a massive yawn!

    Isaac's best horse joke got this reaction!! Must've been good!!

    A photo posted by Kara Guppy (@chelseamamma) on

    Afterwards we settled down for a picnic. I had made them all snack boxes, using gold picnic boxes and added homemade rosettes. These were so easy to make and they looked so good! We even tied red laces around carrot sticks and sandwiches to make them look like little hay bales.  Of course this detail was lost on the children who just though "ooo sweets!"

    #snackboxes all filled and ready to go! #ponyparty #Olive

    A photo posted by Joanne Dewberry (@charliemoos) on

    The party bags I made of course and filled with stickers, crayons, a colouring in picture, some playdough and sweets. 

    #ponyparty #partybags stickers, chocolate coins, colouring and #handmade #fabric #partybag #charliemoos

    A photo posted by Joanne Dewberry (@charliemoos) on

     You can buy the pony party bags in our Charlie Moo's shop for £1.85 or download the colouring in picture for your horse mad children. 

    Olive had a lovely party and can't wait to go pony riding again! Big thank you to all her friends who came, Pony Palace for such a lovely party and Kara for taking some lovely photos!