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  1. Displaying Our Award Winning Garden with Teacherboards

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    Last Summer (2017) Charlie (who is now 11) won Highly Commended in the Dorset Wildlife Trust Wildlife Friendly Gardens competition for Small Gardens. As he was the youngest person to enter he received a lot of press attention locally. 

    He worked really hard and has been working even harder ever since he's eyes firmly set on winning. This year he dug out an actual pond, which he filled with the newts, frogs and tadpoles from the washing up bowl he was rewarded with sightings of dragonflies hovering over hos new pond. He also built a bird house at Scouts and after we had a visitor living in the garden he helped Daddy Moo construct a hedgehog house too.bird box

    The children had also been completing the Bronze, Silver and Gold RSPB Challenges and I was beginning to collect quite a few certificates, awards and flyers.  It seemed such a shame to have them hidden away in a file so I reached out to my good friends at Teacherboards who sent the children an outdoor lockable magnetic boards.  There was much excitement so much so that when we went to Corfu the children insisted on buying a magnet with build in temperature gauge so they could see/record the garden temperature.


    I love that as it's magnetic you don't end up with lots of pin holes or blue tac everywhere.  We did raid the house for magnets though as we were getting the board ready for the 2018 Dorset Wildlife Trust Wildlife Friendly Garden Judges. But I noticed that Sundeala LTD sells magnetic tape which might be worth looking at.teacherboard magentic outside

    In portrait mode you can fit 9 A4 sheets easily in we have ours landscape as we had the perfect piece of wall jutting out as our neighbours have a conservatory. I love in the summer too how the weeping willow falls around it making it feel like the whiteboard is part of the garden and at one with nature.  The children wanted to use their 30 Days Wild Planner as the base and add more certificates, magnets, flyers and anything remotely wildlife friendly.  I absolutely love it! I love the sense of accomplishment and pride reading the certificates invokes. We also have lots of photographs of our coal tit chicks and frogs which Charlie is keen to turn into magnets and who can blame him. coal tit chick

    For home office and educational white boards, planners and do check out TeacherBoards and their sister site Sundeala. 

  2. 30 Days Wild Round-up and Exciting News

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    30dayswild_id2 blackSeems like forever ago now (well it was June) that we took part in the Wildlife Trust 30 Days Wild and so much has happened since then.

    Here's a quick round-up from the children.

    Charlie : I enjoyed 30 days wild because we did lots of cool stuff like making a rain catcher and playing in the river we also found a newt in the garden.

    Olive : I like eating the fruit from the garden.

    (Yes Olive we know! Sadly I only have a couple of photos and an idea of what the strawberries, red currents and apples may have tasted like!)

    Megan : I think 30 days wild was awesome I definitely think it encouraged lots of people to be more wild things. We are very wild already.

    You might remember that during the last week of June the Dorset Wildlife Trust came and visited our garden in order to judge how wildlife friendly it was. On Wednesday 19th July, Charlie, Daddy Moo and I drove to a delightful garden centre in Sherborne for the Award Ceremony. When you are 10 this is super exciting and Charlie really couldn't contain himself.DWT event

    Firstly we were treated to an amazing and inspiring talk by Kate Bradbury, about how she developed a decked area into a wildlife haven. Charlie has been taking notes and teasels are on our list for next year. After what seem liked forever they called out our category “small gardens”. I literally couldn't believe it when they called out our name as “Highly Commended” Charlie was up receiving his award before Daddy Moo and I had time to think.wildlife friendly garden award

    Extract from Dorset Echo 1st August 2017

    The competition also saw a high number of entries from younger gardeners, with Charlie Giltrow, 10, who picked up a Highly Commended in the Small Garden category, becoming the youngest contender ever to enter.

    He said: “When I heard my name read out as a winner in my category I was so excited. My ambition has always been to become a vet, so ever since we moved into our house two years ago, my sisters and I have been working hard to transform the concrete garden into a haven for birds, frogs, bees and bugs.frog

    Big thank you to the team for making Charlie so welcome and answering his questions. The list of recommendations was a welcome addition alongside his certificate and plaque. We have already started to make some changes in the garden in order to well you know win next year!

    We shall be updating you on changes we make in order to develop an even friendlier wildlife garden.