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  1. Comic Relief Danceathon 2015 | #TeamHonk

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    Last Sunday I totally took myself out of my comfort zone, dressed up like a wally and drove to Wembley. The plan to dance for 6 hours without dying in aid of raising tons of cash for Comic Relief. You might remember last year I took part in the Team Honk Relay which involved taking a baton from Land's End to John O'Groats. The Bournemouth leg consisted of me cycling from Wimborne to Three Legged Cross and then passing the baton to ChelseaMamma who then took it on a tour of the piers.

    Outfit sorted well kinda still debating how far up the leg leg warmers go? #rnd15 #danceathon #teamhonk

    A photo posted by Joanne Dewberry (@charliemoos) on

    When I heard about the Danceathon I knew I wanted to get involved and signed up with a few friends. However they soon started dropping like flies and the day got closer and closer. I'm not one to give up but the thought of being on my own with people I don't really know freaked me out somewhat! Dressed up and fully hydrated I drove up to Wembley. This in itself was a massive achievement I hate driving in unknown places I'm a truly nervous terrible driver!!

    The queue to get in was massive and slightly daunting! I noticed a couple of people with Team Honk written on their backs and asked if I could join them. Once inside we soon found everyone else and overwhelmingly a million people started saying hello! Being as I don't really do the mummy blogger circle and my twitter avatar is about 100 yrs old. I wasn't really sure if anyone knew who I was BUT I did get that warm fuzzy feeling of support and friendship.

    This is immense #teamhonk #danceathon

    A photo posted by Jaime Oliver (@theoliversmadhouse) on

    The first hour seem to go by really slowly and I thought I'd never make 6 hours. I loved learning step by step the zombie dance to Thriller this by far was a highlight for me!

    Followed by Diva Dancing I enjoyed strutting my stuff to a spot of All about the Bass and Shake it Out. I remember thinking how much the girls would love this session. By 4 pm I started to feel a bit icky and thus consumed 3 apple cereal bars without even chewing. High on a sugar rush I enjoyed grinding to Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl Bashment stylee!

    Danceathon Official

    Photo Credit Comic Relief

    The last hour literally flew by even though the Ballroom and Latin session was pretty hardcore and all control over my legs had completely gone! I felt totally wreaked at the end of the 6 hours and was thankful for both the fresh air outside and a brownie from MummyBarrow!

    Big thanks to PodCast who helped me get safely back to the M3! I felt like I was on auto pilot on the drive home and pretty much had a cup of tea and toast before going to bed! However the next day I felt like a dribbling mess! It's a really overwhelmingly experience and I loved (well nearly the 80's instructor in her gold leggings was possibly a bit hellish! I can't kick that high, probably not even in the 80's!) being involved. The enormity of it doesn't really hit you until your back into normality.  Apparently the children pretty much watched most of the 6 hours and the girls were so excited that I dance to All about the Bass and Shake it Out! I guess they were there in spirit!

    You can still sponsor me and I'd love it if you did!

    £150 = bicycle ambulance to help pregnant women in rural Malawi reach life-saving health service
    £50 could pay for a girl, in a Kenyan slum, to do an apprenticeship + gain vital, life-changing skills and knowledge
    £30 could pay for 6 young people in the UK with a disability to take part in sport.
    £20 = school uniforms for 2 street children in Ghana, so they can get the education they need
    £25 = a sport session for disadvantaged UK young people, keeping them safe & off the streets
    £30 = 15 elderly people, living with dementia in the UK attending a weekly support session
    £15 = 6 mosquito nets, to protect 6 children in Uganda from contracting life-threatening malaria

    Thank you

    * Liz Tanner * Ellie Piper * Kim Gardiner * ChelseaMamma * NonStopMamma * Grant Dewberry * Lorraine Dewberry * Julie Murphy * Cara Armstrong * Rach * Anne Robb * DorsetMums * Tam Warrington * Anon *

  2. 5 re-uses for fabric party bags

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    I'm currently conducting a survey about parties - I haven't been too surprised by the responses. I think most people appreciate the time and love that goes into making fabric party bags and are prepared to pay for that. However, I was surprised by the amount of people who said they "couldn't afford £1.95 for just the bag once they filled them" which got me thinking.  As parents we have a tendency to put our emphasis on the contents and therefore spend pennies on plastic or paper bags. When actually a fabric party bag is the gift. In reality after providing the party itself all you need to pop in the bag is cake, bubbles and maybe a wooden ball game.

    At Charlie Moo's HQ we have plenty of fabric party bags around the house so here are some of the things Charlie, Megan and Olive use them for.

    trinket bag

    1. For storing little girls trinkets - hair bobbles, nail polish, jewellery. A little girl needs somewhere to keep all her treasures safe - with the added handles you can hang this bag on the back of a door up high for supervised, special use. 
    2. Role Play - in our little home corner/shop area we have a few bags hanging up. They make perfect handbags for mini mummies or for carrying a couple of wooden carrots.
    3. If you don't want to keep them - they make excellent gift bags for passing a present on to other children and/or adult. 
    4. Pencil Cases - they work well in an office hanging off the wall full of pens, pencils, rulers etc etc ... giving you a clear work space.
    5. For long trips in the car - they are a handy size to pop all your child's entertainment items in and they don't take up loads of space in the footwell. You can even hang them on the back of the passengers chair and they are light enough not to annoy anyone, keeping them in easy reach. 

    long car journey

    What ideas do you have to reuse fabric party bags?