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  1. 30 Days Wild | Day 1-4

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    twt 30 days wild_countdown_01


    We used the garden as our living room. We were painting and drawing.

    Megan and Olive painted in the garden . Megan painted a gnome called Gnomeo for the gnome collection (only two gnomes so far). 

    We ate lunch outside and checked out bird feeders and bath. It was really hot so we filled the bath with fresh water.

    gnome painting

    There was a bee on Mummy's purple plant.

    The girls played with their friends and I went to Linford Bottom with Nanny and caught 2 fish.

    twt 30 days wild_countdown_02


    I went to the River Stour with my friend and tried kayaking for the first time. It was fun.

    The girls went on their bikes to Moors Valley with Mummy. We are doing the Ranger Challenges, there is 40 to do. Megan got 4 stamps and Olive got 2. We have 15 left to collect.

    We went on a special passageway from our house through the field. We had a ice-cream and lunch with the Gruffalo. Megan made a person from a pine cone called Mr Prickles for the Forest Friend stamp.

    We looked in our moth trap – no moths.

    moors valley bike ride

    twt 30 days wild_countdown_03DAY THREE

    Today we went to the skate park they had some new exercise equipment and we tried to see who could hold on the longest.

    Daddy kicked a football with me. Whilst Megan and Olive played on the new exercise bit.

    We looked in our moth trap – no moths.

    It started to rain so Mummy and Daddy had to bring the moth trap in. olive park play

    twt 30 days wild_countdown_04DAY FOUR 

    Today we had fun playing at Linford Bottom I was climbing up all the trees. You don't need to take lots of things. We had a bucket and our imagination.

    We explored the forest and I climbed trees. Daddy likes trees his favourite tree is a Hawthorn which there are lots of at Linford Bottom.

    I threw stones in the river making big splashes pretending to be Greninja (The Pokemon)

    Megan was trying to catch a fish. The fishes were really small and hard to catch because we only had buckets .

    30 days wild charlie

    Olive just likes getting wet. Linford Bottom is free to park.

    Mummy took some towels too. We sat in the car home in our pants, eating crisps.

    Olive 6 : We saw some fishes and tried and catched them but it did not work. We could not get them.

    Written by Charlie 10 & Megan 8

    30 days wild


  2. Bird Watching Kit from Wild and Wonderful | Review

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    It might be wet, soggy and a little grey outside but it's actually the perfect time of the year to encourage birds into your garden. It's not hard, but it's so rewarding.

     wayfair banner 3

    • Feeders : Hang up a variety of feeders, seeds, nuts, and fat balls are popular in our garden. Each encourages a different bird into the garden. You can even make your own feeders using lard, seeds, nuts and raisins.

    • Bird baths : During the winter months check the water hasn't frozen over and top up regularly.

    • Bird boxes : We have a few in our garden some gorgeous wooden beach hut style ones high up on the house so our cat can't get them! We also have our homemade milk carton ones dotted around too.

    It shouldn't take too long before you start to see lots of birds hanging out. So why not develop your child's interest further with a Wild and Wonderful Bird Watching Kit (RRP: £12.99)

    What's inside?
    24 identification cards, mini folding binoculars, notebook and pencil, feeding recipes and tips.

    bird watching charlie

    This half term has been a wash out with rain and a very poorly Megan, but Moo has still had fun with his bird watcher kit.

    Using the notebook and identification cards start listing what birds you see. The cards also give details about what they eat and some specific characteristics. We have been visited recently and now daily by a nuthatch, Charlie used the cards to identify what they were eating and why they hang upside down and the usefulness of their odd shaped bill. You can then tailor your feed to try and encourage new birds type if you want. It's interesting to see what is popular in the garden, we find milliworms get left in piles untouched! 

    bird watching kit

     Use the code MOO15 on Wild and Wonderful for 15% off everything valid until 1st December 2015.