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  1. Mighty Claws Adventure Golf A Year On

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    Mighty Claws Adventure Golf in Bournemouth has a special place in our hearts as last Easter holidays we lost Daddy Moo to long, hot days wrestling with prehistoric dinosaurs and shrubs. We all loved watching the golf course come together and hearing Daddy Moo's stories of black waterfalls and cheeky dinosaurs. A year on we all visited for another round of Adventure Golf He was and try and get that illusive hole in one. However someone was missing, Truly, Arty, Prince & Bea nope all present and correct. It was Daddy Moo. Off in Colchester creating a Roman Ruckus as Mighty Claws sets off on it's second adventure (see picture below how cool do they look with their Roman helmets on!). We were given strict instructions to check that Daddy Moo's trees were all doing well after the crazy snow weather. Mighty Claws Colchester

    Currently open 7 days a week from 9am to 9.30pm weekdays and 9am to  8pm at weekends, which makes a great excuse to get out as the nights are lighter now. Prices start at £3 for a child under 4, £6.50 for a child under 12 and £9.50 for an adult. There's also a great cafe where we grabbed a take away coffee to drink round the course too. Out of 5 of us (Nanny Moo replaced Daddy) I was literally the only one not to score a hole in one! Yes event the 6 year old who may have thought she was playing hockey did a hole in one! All 3 of the children got theirs on the same hole, the same hole which took me 4 shoots to get my ball in. I kept looking around wondering if the Australian Cricket Team were lurking as I'm sure there was a spot of ball tampering ;) They of course were all humble in their hole in one accomplishment! #not #sorrynotsorry mighty claws hole in one

    What makes Mighty Claws such a great family friendly golf course is quite a few of the holes have multiple routes, theres a river channel running through a few of them plus of course the beginning ones are inside a cave! It's a visual treat, there is so much to look at and the variety in each section means that the children rarely have a chance to get bored or moan. 

     mighty claws

    We were provided with a family pass in order to review this activity. 

  2. The Highway Rat Trail at Moors Valley Country Park

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    It literally isn't Christmas without a Julia Donaldson, adaptation on the telly. This years offering was The Highway Rat, a beautifully animated film, filled with swashbuckling adventure of bandits and biscuits. As the children have gotten older we've not read some of Julia Donaldson's new material so this was a bit of a treat.highway rat trail

    The Highway Rat tells the tale of a ravenous rat who craves buns, biscuits and all things sweet.  Tearing along the highway, he searches for sugary treats to steal, until his sweet tooth leads him to a sticky end.  This sweetly satisfying animation features the voice talents of an all star, home grown cast; David Tennant (AKA the best Dr Who); Rob Brydon (Gavin and Stacey); Frances De La Tour (Into The Woods); Tom Hollander (Pride & Prejudice); and Nina Sosanya (Love Actually). After the first “Stand and Deliver” Olive was hooked and The Highway Rat a firm favourite.highway rat

    With exceptional timing not only did Olive receive a bag full of The Highway Rat goodies, celebrating the release of the DVD (5th February 2018) but it also marked the opening of The Highway Rat trail at Moors Valley. Olive set to work straight away decorating the canvas bag the goodies came in. I love how creative my girls are. She snuggled down to watch the DVD on repeat for a week and you know learn the script word for word!Highway Rat Moors Valley

    The Highway Rat trail activity pack is £3, which contains activity sheets, stickers, string, pencil and a crayon, oh and of course a Highway Rat mask, Olive quickly hijacked that for herself. Don't be fooled by the lovely sunny photos it was freezing! The food stash rubbing activity was really sweet and the posters give the older ones something to read and learn. Megan particularly enjoyed the bird call poster which detailed bird calls “chiff chaff” had her laughing for ages. At Moors Valley the trail ended between part of the play trail providing even more fun and excitement. We started to attach things to the fishing rod but my fingers were just too cold to tie! But we have kept the start and Olive plans to add more and make a fairy wand.highway rat wanted

    The trail took about an hour the trail is 2km long, we didn't do all the on the spot activities as it was a tad chilly. But now we have the pack we will more than likely venture out again. Once we got home we cuddled up to defrost in front of the DVD which is available from all good retailers however it is currently £7 on Amazon

    The Forestry Commission website details all the venues around the UK with The Highway Rat trail plus there are plenty of activity downloads too. With the DVD out in shops it makes for a lovely Half Term activity.

    We were sent a goody bag of The Highway Rat merchandise including the soft toy and DVD. I paid the £3 for the play trail.