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How to make an Elsa Frozen dress for less than £10

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 4 months you may have escaped the “Frozen” phenomenon – lucky you and welcome to my reality! I took Charlie and Megan to see it in the Christmas Holidays and from that moment we were hooked! Whilst in Disney Land Paris at February Half Term - Megan spent both days screaming at the Frozen float “Elsa I love you so much” that she soon became horse and nearly fainted when said Elsa waved at her. All the children had some money they'd been saving from Christmas. Olive bought a Mickey Mouse Teddy, Moo some Pirates of the Caribbean role play stuff and Megan was beside herself unable to make a decision whether to buy an Elsa Doll or Frozen Character set of the 4 main people. The first world problems of a 5 year old! Eventually she decided on the set. If she had her own way she would have gone for the Elsa “snow queen” dress but at 61euros (£51) I drew the line! I mean its a DRESS! Promising that I'd get her one back in England, banking on a £12.50 ASDA special.

However I was unprepared for the fact that EVERYWHERE on the planet had sold out of Elsa dresses!! NOOOOOOOO!! What to do! I googled and searched on Pinterest. I read A LOT of blogs detailing how some canny mums had made dresses. Now my dilemma was – I didn't want to spend lots of money on fabric and I didn't want to sew.

olive tutu

Daddy Moo and I had made Olive a tutu months ago using elastic and netting so when I saw on a tutu tutorial using a stretchy crochet band my mind started racing.

I bought :-

  • one teal stretchy crochet band (couple £ on eBay)

  • one metre of teal netting

  • half a metre of pale lilac and half a metre of aqua netting

  • a long sleeved stretchy t-shirt (£3.99 from H&M not the cheapest about but I liked the puff in the shoulders)

 elsa frozen dress

I basically followed the tutorial of looping the netting around the stretchy band. On the back I also looped a thicker piece of the lilac netting as a makeshift cape. The make shift dress was popped over the long sleeved t-shirt and Megan has some teal trousers from her Jasmine costume which set our dress off perfectly!

let it go frozen costume

Megan insisted in an outside and inside photo shoot and who was I to argue!

the cold never bothered me anyway

All in all I spent less than £10 and it took about an hour to put together. I now have one very happy Megan and one Olive asking for a Olaf costume!

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  1. i like this super idea.

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  2. Susan

    Thank you so mush for sharing , I have been looking an easy pattern because I can not sew very well only small repairs but my daughter has wanted a frozen dress so badly and making one you can put special touches on it for your own child knowing it is only theirs it is great ...thank you again

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  3. I can see me making this soon - Emmy ignored Frozen for ages but has just become majorly obsessed

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  4. I bought quite cheap netting it wasn't thick but rough and soft to use. I had 2 metres in total. If it hasn't gone all the way around then I suggest getting some more to fill in the gaps. Hope that helps. x

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  5. danni

    can i ask how thick the netting was u used as i followed what u said and no way did it fit around the dress nor it was as thick

    Posted on

  6. Delfi

    Love this idea. If you are having trouble finding the crochet band. Do a search for "crochet tube top" on Ebay and several thousand should pop up :) Can't wait to make this for my littleun.

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  7. Laura

    Fantastic dress! Thanks for the inspiration. I found some tubing on ebay.. item number 370837030131

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  8. What an absolutely awesome outfit! Frozen-mania has gone so crazy...hope your little one was okay after nearly fainting at the sight of Elsa! Thanks so much for sharing at <a href="">#100DaysOfDisney</a>, still 80+ days to go! xx

    Posted on

  9. Oh this is such a cute dress! The wait to get Frozen merchandise is crazy right now isn't it, so this is a perfect alternative! Thanks so much for sharing it with #100DaysOfDisney Sam xx

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  10. Liz

    We were a bit late to the Frozen party (Bella saw it just before the Easter hols and I watched it last week!)but we have been singing the songs ever since! I think I may have to follow your lead and make her a dress too. I'm looking forward to seeing the Olaf costume ;) x

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  11. Nicole

    Hi, I was looking for the stretchy band, and I can't find it anywhere. Could you help me out?

    Posted on

  12. Aww thats so awesome and it really does look like her gown in the movie! #MBPW

    Posted on

  13. Hi Amy, The link is on my Facebook page :)

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  14. Amy

    Hi. Where do you get the stretchy crochet band from? I've searched eBay and the internet and can't find anything like this. Please help! Thanks, amy.

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  15. Sita

    How resourceful! She looks adorable.

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  16. She looks adorable!

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  17. You did a great job! Megan looks like a real princess :) Thanks so much for sharing at #Pintorials

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  18. Doesn't she look happy with her tutu! Congrats on a great job - and I'm so glad you found the tutorial easy to follow. There are so many options for these - lots of fun!

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  19. Chelle

    Excellent work Mummy Moo. Think we'll be attempting thos and maybe Tinker Bell this holiday. :)

    Posted on

  20. Rachel

    Fantastic! M would really love one too, in an 8 year old size ;)

    Posted on

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