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Passport - Destination Life!

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Considering that Daddy Moo and I met working in Turkey until 2014 we hadn't actually left the UK in 8 years!  Our passports out of date and gathering dust, none of the moo's had one.  For many years our holidays had been staycations exploring Dorset and Devon. When we decided to treat the children to a holiday to Disney Land Paris passports were a must! No more procrastinating, no thinking we'd better spend the money on other delights - bills, food, ever growing children!  (In case you were wondering long gone are the days of either Daddy Moo and I being asked to provide a passport as proof of ID/age etc.!) 


Now we have them (and sadly not stamped so no memory of our trip to Paris in our passports!) there is something empowering about a passport. The knowledge that at any moment you can up sticks - board a plane or boat to another country in the blink of an eye! (Yes travel PR's I'm winking at you ;) ) I find myself now flicking through travel brochures, eyeing up holiday wear, driving slowly passed Hurn Airport wondering where the next flight is off too.  

Remembering that the world is our oyster. Where are you planning to go this year? 

*Passport holder from a lovely collection at Julie Slater & Son*

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