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Linford Bottom - picnic, the river and clay!

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Last week didn't go much to plan - due to a mechanic with time keeping issues! We did however get out in the evenings to the skate park, Saturday I was at Uni and Sunday we went to London for the #HPEaster event at the V&A Childhood museum (which I'll blog about later) and with plenty of plans this week I thought I'd miss out on a #CountryKids opportunity.

HOWEVER I'd been cleaning this morning in preparation for my Mum coming to stay on Tuesday (I want her to clean my oven so thought I'd make an effort!) Moo's were happily playing in the garden and it was reaching lunch time. I threw my purse, a couple of towels and swim wear in a bag - shouted at Charlie to get some buckets piled the kids and went off. I didn't really have a plan - I stopped at Tesco bought a few picnic items and made our way to Linford Bottom.  

linford bottom

Slapped in suncream we had a lovely late lunch, played in the river and well I sat and chilled! It was busy lots of families, Charlie made a friend or two they started building a dam. I was sat in a prime place on the bank able to see the children (and stay dry!) It was so nice to just let them play! It can be so easy to get a bit stressed by what is happening around them, be overly cautious, but today I put my anal self to sleep.  

river fun

Megan decided that the clay pit in the river bed was much more fun!! She doubled her foot size in clay and looked like a hobbit! 

After 3 hours! We decided to pack up and go home for a bath! All 3 enjoyed giggling in the car at their pant/towel combination! We had such a lovely, unplanned afternoon. Long may this sunshine last :) 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. What gorgeous photos of some impromptu Easter riverside fun. I love the clay like sand and all they got up to. No wonder they needed a bath after all that. I must say mine have been in their element in our river this Easter, long may the sun shine!

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  2. That looks fun! #countrykids

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