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It's all in the eyes

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I'm no beauty blogger. I mean I mainly sometimes wash my face with warm water. I NEVER wear make up and I've not owned a lipstick since circa 2010. I was sent some Heal Eye Gel to review and then a few days later some Optrex Eye Spray as part of BzzAgents. So I thought I'd give my eyes some love and attention. 

Heal Eye Gel :-

heal gelMy main problem with this product is the name. Heal Gel – which I know is suppose to represent its healing properties (contains arnica) but sadly it makes me think of scabby feet! The packaging – its pretty basic and not all screaming premium item and believe me with a £32 price tag it's a premium product. I've been using it every morning for about 5 weeks now. I don't think you can see a really huge difference the skin around my eyes. The gel is however silky smooth and feels luxurious to put on. The smell is soft and delicate. Although it is pricey I still have ¼ of the tube left (15ml) as you don't need a lot, it dries quickly and doesn't leave your skin tacky.


Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist :-

mistI spend a lot of time staring at a screen in the evenings and in my child free times trying to run a full time small business in 12 hours! My eyes can feel tired and dry but not anymore! The Optrex Eye Revive Mist is awesome, just spray onto closed eyes and voilà! It's not sticky or really wet, almost drying instantly. Your eyes feel better straight away as Optrex is filled with pre-vitamin B5 and liposomes. This is priced at £15, so again quite pricey for the size of the bottle, but I have been using for 4 weeks now and there is still ¾ left and it has a 6 month shelf life.


Pampering :-

As my eyes were getting a bit of a pamper I thought I'd take on a real treat! I had an eye lash tint and eyebrow wax to clear up the hairy maggots and reveal my beautiful eyes! Tam at Tranquillity Cabin in Christchurch is so utterly lovely. I felt so relaxed as I had my lashes dyed, which can be an odd experience as you can't see anything obviously, but Tam's soothing voice and gentle touch make you forget everything! In total I paid £17 for the was and tint which I think is super value for money! 

So here are my eyes! What do you think? How old would you put them at? 

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