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Our Harry Potter Party

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It's the blog post you have all been waiting for ….. The Harry Potter Party!

Charlie's birthday is March, Olive's May and Megan's August. Charlie wanted a party but only wanted to invite a handful of friends. Olive's still little so many of her friends are dictated by my friendships and people we know. Megan's birthday is in the school holidays so we made the decision to treat them to a joint party for all of 3 of them a few days after Olive's birthday. I started planning this by searching on pinterest and starting a board. A lot of the information I gathered enabled me to do my own bits and pieces.

Follow Charlie Moo's's board Harry Potter Party on Pinterest.

Invitations -

No Charlie Moo's party would be complete without a Harry Potter MOO! (This image is not for use without our permission.) Using an invitation template available on just Sweet and Simple as our background, party details were added and I simply printed these onto card.

Harry Potter Invitation back-page-0Harry Potter Invitation (1)-page-0

Entertainment -

We hired a Face Painter & Wacky the Wizard both kept to our Harry Potter theme. Jo's Face Painting was amazing! Charlie has never had face paint before as he hates dressing up so not only were we surprised he wanted a themed party but he wore a costume too! The death eater and house signs painted onto arms were really popular!

face painting

Having an old school magician who was dressed as a wizard and looked like a Hogwarts teacher was magical.

wacky wizard

Decorations -

I bought some helium filled balloons from BalloonArray – who was not only reasonably priced but also local so I was able to collect on the Sunday morning just before the party. The white balloons were weighted at different levels, using a sharpie I drew an owl like shape on them all, such a simple idea but they looked great! I also bought a foil helium filled Harry Potter balloon complete with Ron and Hermione – this is actually still floating around 4 days later like new.

Using the house badges (which I downloaded from Centsational Girl) and printed off on plain paper. I had some string with tiny pegs on left over from hanging cards at Christmas this was perfect for popping the house badges and Harry Potter MOO's on.


Party Bags -

I made each child a fabric party bag which was adorned with a wizard wearing purple robes, long white beard and an owl. I had tried to find something with Harry Potter on and could have bought a duvet cover but most I found had big prints so not suitable for party bags. I spotted this in my local fabric shop and Moo loved it phew!

As I had made each bag – I didn't go nuts filling them. Each child had a party bag, some bubbles, a little bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans (well OK just regular beans with labels added which I found on dirt&sunshine) and we also added a handmade wand. It doesn't sound a lot but as I've stated before people have a tendency to overfill bags with chocolate and plastic tat – when in reality the handmade bag and wand have kept my kids entertained for days!

I used a variety of ideas from pinterest to make these and they were so easy that even Daddy Moo made a few. I bought a job lot of chopsticks from eBay think they were around £3 for 40 pairs (so 80 sticks in total – yes we have a LOT left over so either more wand making or lots of Chinese dinners!) . Basically we covered one end of each chopstick in glue, buttons, hama beds and wound string part way down the stick using lots of hot glue. When they had dried they were painted in acrylic paint – we used bottle green, navy blue, black and ochre. I'm so pleased with how these turned out and each one is so unique and different.

party bags potter

Food -

We didn't go nuts with the food as the children were all under 7, so we had pizza, sandwiches, sausages, sausage rolls, crisps, biscuits, sweets, fruit and jelly in shot glasses. I did try my hand at some Butter Beer – there are a ton of recipes online but I went cheap, cheerful and simple! Cream Soda with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. I choose cream soda as I figured most children wouldn't have tried it as its a bit retro! It was a real hit and miss – nearly everyone wanted to try it but only about half actually liked it. We made a cupcake for each child and I bought 30 rice paper Hogwart toppers on eBay again for a few £.

butter beer

And last of all Photo Prop -

I saw this idea on pinterest and just had to make one. Ours looks a bit different and was massive! It was so easy and yet so effective. The “Have you seen this Wizard” poster was basically a recyled cardboard box that I painted. Daddy Moo cut the inside out and propped it up using some poles and feet from our gazebo. The children and adults loved this! The photos are so effective too!


So there you have it! We could have gone crazier but we had to bear in mind some of Olive's friends were only 2 years old! I think we had a great balance and everyone had a fab time! Moo is already asking what our theme for next year is!

Thank you to Kara from ChelseaMamma for taking all the photos! 

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  1. Thank you for having me at your party to face paint, I was very impressed with all your ideas, the little touches make a party. The wans were fantastic, and I love the photo prop, and making butterbeer was a great idea. Thank you.

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  2. Wow, that looks and sounds absolutely amazing. What wonderful memories you must have given them. I want a party like that for my birthday!

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  3. We all had a fab time and the homemade party bags and wands are a real hit.......I've lost count the amount of times a wand has been produced and I've been turned into a frog *ribbit*

    Posted on

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