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Wimborne The Model Town

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It's been a manic half term week, with our Harry Potter Party, Bournemouth Wheels Festival, soft play and the cinema we were in need of a day of rest! So that's exactly what we did on Thursday - snuggles watching Frozen, Lego Movie and writing blog posts!  Charlie was helping me tidy up when he found our High Five Card, which provides the member with various discounts at an array of outlets through Dorset.  The card is £10 for a year's membership and depending how you use it you can really save some pennies.  We decided to check out the website and find something to do. I didn't want something a) too far so SandWorld was out b) too expensive or c) that involved the whole day - I was hoping for a bit of a lazy start to Friday! We decided to go check out Wimborne Model Town - with the High Five Card you get one free child with every paying adult, Olive was free anyway which meant it was £11 for the 4 of us.  It's 10 minutes from our house and most of the reviews suggest you are there for a couple of hours. 

wimborne model

We literally rocked up at 1pm with a camera and bag of snacks (there is a cafe on site).  We were given a bug hunt sheet with clues as to where to find certain bugs with letters to make up a message.  This was a nice touch as it made the children pay a bit more attention to what was in each window.

model town

The buildings are well maintained and have a lot of detail in them. People in the hotel rooms, a wedding complete with music in the church, post boxes and telephone boxes on the street.

wimborne model town

There's a lovely kitchen garden and sensory area, plus this wicked wooden chair! 

trains wimborne model town

There's also a model railway, complete with Thomas and Cranky! There are buttons for the children to press to keep the trains moving around the track. This was a big hit! 

moos at wimborne

We had a lovely time - the weather stayed dry and as Olive said "it was a rilliant day!"

We were given our High Five Card in order to review, some deals on the website are better than others you really need to read the T&C's correctly to check what restrictions apply.  However if you use it regularly you will soon recoup the initial £10 outlay and start saving pennies. We paid to go to the Wimborne Model Town and would definately go again. 

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  1. We really must go - it's one of those places that we always forget is there

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