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Happy 3rd Birthday Olive!

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It's hard to believe it really but my baby just turned 3! How did that happen!? I still remember laying in hospital clutching my tiny bundle (she was soooo tiny!) Feeling an overwhelming sense of relief that after months of 2 weekly trips to the hospital and no real answers as to what condition our baby girl would be in at birth – that here she was looking perfect! The first week was a bit stressful until we finally left the hospital and now she's 3. 3 I tell you! I can't imagine our life without her now. Olive is such a bundle of personality – cheeky, chatty, stubborn, loyal, arty and no matter how she tries she'll always be my baby!


A few months ago Paultons Park ran a #tweets4treats competition on twitter and I was lucky enough to win free entry, as Olive is free I thought it would make a nice birthday treat. Plus without M&M she'd have plenty of time to roam around Peppa Pig World (M&M just want to ride fast roller-coasters now!) we invited Olive's bestie Eliza to join us (phew you guessed it meaning great photographs via Kara from ChelseaMamma!)

 peppa pig birthday treat

Whilst Eliza stuffed her face with ice-cream Olive decided to munch Mr. Potato!

Olive had a lovely day! We decided to walk through Paultons Park and immediately happened upon the new Victorian Carousal. I love this about Paultons Park that they are always increasing, adding new rides/play areas and redeveloping areas of the park. The Victorian Carousal is stunning. The beautiful Victorian characters made from trees wrapped around metal were stunning! You can see they are still a bit juvenile but you just know in 4 years they will be magnificent. 

Carousel Paultons


What's your favourite part of Paultons Park? I'd have liked to have caught the new 4D show - Robin Hood! 


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  1. Looks like you had a great time.

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  2. Next time I'm going on the carousel!!

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