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My little Ballerina's

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I'm slightly annoyed with myself for taking a week to write this post but heyho here it is. Last weekend my beautiful girls Olive 3 and Megan 5 performed in their dance school show. Megan has been taking ballet lessons since she turned 3! This year has been a whirlwind for her. OK so lets change that … it's been a whirlwind for me! Megan has taken it in her stride!

In March, Megan took her first ever exam!! Pre-primary ballet along with 6 of her chums many of whom she has been dancing with since the beginning. They even had extra rehearsal days at the weekend, but she never complained! I'm well known for being a bit of a crier … school assemblies, parent/teacher evening, presentations I cry at them all! After I'd managed to compose myself, the exam was over! How I we waited another 7 weeks in a calm fashion for the results was beyond me but we did!

 ballet exam

The girls had a little presentation at ballet and Daddy Moo popped by to watch too! And yes I cried! I was so proud of my little munchkin!!

But poor Megan she didn't get a chance to rest – nope! She was straight on to rehearsing for the dance school show. Megan appeared in the 2012 show as the “ahhh factor” being as she was only a teeny tiny 4 at the time. This year Megan's class wore gorgeous tutu's and danced to the Sugar Plum Fairy dance from the Nutcracker which having seen this in February Megan was incredibly excited about. (we weren't allowed to take pictures and our professional shots aren't here yet but I can promise you she looked amazing). There was also a month of weekend rehearsals too and they didn't moan.

I sat snuggled between my mum and Daddy Moo watching as soon as the music started I was blubbing. Megan was absolutely beautiful, it rates on one of my top mummy moments!

She looked so grown up and the ballet dance was so lovely.

This year was very special though as the “ahhh factor” was bought to us by my very own Olive! Olive and 10 of her chums danced to Toy Story favourite “You've got a friend in me” it was soooooooo cute! They did it twice! Olive not only looked scrummy but was tiny and cute and adorable! She spent the whole time moving to ensure she was centre stage (that's my girl!) and when all the little ballerina's had left Olive was still standing and waving! After the show people came and said “oh is she yours, star of the show for me!” so udderly proud (oh yes and I cried!!). It takes a lot of bottle to stand in front of a room full of people (and I know Design Your Career was in the same venue) and she's only just turned 3!!

After the show we gave both girls a bunch of flowers and a ballerina necklace. They were so made up … but neither one realises that it was Daddy Moo and I who were totally made up. Such proud, proud parents :) AND on the Sunday they did it all again for Nanny C and Charlie!! 

ballet show 2014

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