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Land's End - Cornwall

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Whilst researching Parkdean Mullion – what the reviews said, places to go etc. … I hit upon Land's End. I vaguely remember going there when I was a child but that was about it. It was cheaper to book your tickets online so that's exactly what I did. I booked a family pass to all the attractions – Greeb Farm, 4D Cinema and Arthur's Quest. There are lots of other bits to see and do once you are there including the free gallery which depicts many of the amazing people who have walked from Land's End to John O'Groats.

We arrived about 9:30am and paid the £5 to park the attractions didn't open until 10am but it gave us a chance to have a little wonder around. The scenery is breath taking! You can almost sense the presence of pirates and imagine their ships sailing around the ragged rocks.

lands end

After we swapped our printed receipt for proper tickets and headed straight for the empty line outside Arthur's Quest. Straight away you walk into a maze of mirrors Moo and I giggled as we walked like mummy's with our hands out in front of us trying to decided which was mirror and which was the route. I have no idea why but both girls promptly went into melt down. We shuffled them through as fast as possible both sobbing and now in dire need of a wee!!! Followed by a disgruntled Moo who was enjoying the quest and wanted to find Excalibur! Once outside I promised Moo I'd return with him later to finish the quest.

As the girls were grumpy, we decided to walk down to the farm. Greeb Farm was lovely and the staff were very friendly. We particularly enjoyed learning why 2 hens were mothering 2 little duckings! Appears they were broody and the Farmer has a thing for ducks! So she promptly left the two hens sitting on some duck eggs! Was so cute to see the ducklings following the hens about! The newly born piglets were scrummy too!! Although Olive was not impressed as she declared them too smelly!!!

On the way out of the farm we happened upon a pirate cat and were told tales by a pirate and given a lucky stone each.

Megan wanted to look at the llamas and ponies on route back to the centre which we agreed but later regretted as we had to climb a mountain (OK quite large hill) and I was wearing sandals!


After ice-cream and Cornish pasties we hit the 4D cinema. I love a 4D cinema the last one we went to was at Paulton's Park last summer and 20,000 leagues under the sea didn't disappoint. M&M had a chat with the usher as we were queuing and sussed out whether they would get wet, tickled and jolted in the chair. Olive bless her really enjoyed wearing her 3D glasses and getting wet etc. .. but when we were tickled by crabs (around our legs) she had no idea what was going on enquiring “what mummy what” I looked down to notice her teeny tiny legs were firmly on the chair there was no over hang!

Of course you can't go to Land's End without having your photo taken by the signpost! These are then sent to you in the post so whilst Nanny C asked the guy a question I got a quick snap of the signpost without us.

poldhu cove

The lovely manager David from Parkdean had told us that Poldhu Cove was a lovely beach to visit so on route home we decided to go there. The beach was lovely a rocky cove with a sandy inlet. The children enjoyed building a dam come fish hotel, I enjoyed catching a few rays and watching the world go by – no work, no WiFi just the sea and sand!

A lovely day was had by all!!

This is the third in a series of blogs about our 5 day break at Parkdean Mullion, Cornwall. 

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Disclosure this is a review we were provided with this 5 day break for free. All previous Parkdean Holidays we paid for ourselves. We did buy our own tickets to Land's End and are including this as we felt it was a great day out! 

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