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Penguin Fever

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On Christmas Eve 2009 Charlie Moo woke up and gasped! 'I haven't told Farmer Christmas I want a penguin' .... now it Christmas Eve and this is the first time he has ever mentioned penguins!?!?  Luckily its Daddy Moo's birthday so a day of fun subsides his penguin chat.  We have a lovely Christmas Day until I tuck my mini Moo in bed and he say 'I was a little bit naughty' ..... I begin to ask him why and what has he done and in my wee babies mind the absence on Christmas day of a penguin (nevermind all the billions of toys he actually did get!) meant he had been naughty. #MummyFail ..... I was sure he would have forgotten ... no not my moo he's like an elephant be warned he never forgets!
So as the past few months progressed we have acquired a few penguin teddies all of whom live in his bed and travel in turn in his school bag! They go shopping, to nanny's they have become part of the family .. there is four of them all named pingu except one who is little pingu! We take weekly trips to the library to borrow penguin books!
Now Saturday was my beautiful boy's 3rd yes 3rd .. how on earth did that happen!  This was a chance to rectify my #MummyFail so I grabbed it with both hands!!  Friday we went to Marwell Zoo and if you check my bog you can see photos .... one of the pingus came too!  For his birthday he had 2 penguin cakes, 3 penguin books, Happy Feet DVD and a poster.  The poster was created by and it is fab!


I sent her a photo of Moo attempting to stand like a penguin with the brief .. penguins. And I think she did a fantastic job he was so chuffed!
He had a brilliant penguin filled day so I will make a special penguin album for you all to see!
Daddy Moo - Moo why do penguins so much???  
Moo - they can swim daddy and that's clever .....
Seriously who wouldn't love him! Love you Charlie Moo heres to another brilliant Moo filled year!

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