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How to hold the perfect children’s birthday party

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Organising a children’s birthday party can be an exciting, yet daunting, prospect for any parents who wishes to provide their son or daughter with the best day to celebrate a momentous occasion. Although parties should predominately focus around the children enjoying themselves, it also marks a proud moment for mothers and fathers who watch their child grow up and remember the day they were brought into the world. Considerable planning and organisation is required to ensure the day runs smoothly and that all areas are covered to prevent any stress or last minute dashes. Parents essentially have a blank canvas to work with when organising their child’s birthday party as they open themselves to a whole variety of themes and activities. From hiring professional childrens’ entertainers to holding a sleep-over, parents can play a fundamental role in creating wonderful childhood memories for their son or daughter that remain memorable for many years.


Although gathering a group of parents and children together in the same home can allow both parties to do as they please, integrating a theme is a wonderful way for the latter to have bundles of fun. Children, particularly those of a younger age, are likely to hold a strong interest in a particular television show or film which contains their favourite characters. General themes, such as cowboys and princesses, are also popular with children who enjoy the experience of dressing up in a costume; it can further ignite the creative spark in their imagination to enjoy fun games with their friends. Any theme can be further embellished through interior and exterior decorations, in addition with themed party bags and napkins, which create a running trend throughout a house for children and parents to enjoy and be involved with.


Parents have the option of making their own home cooked snacks and food for children to enjoy, or going to the local supermarket and buying a number of products that are suitable for a children’s party. Foods such as sandwiches, party sausages, crisps and sausage rolls are traditional choices for parties – children wants easy, simplistic food that they can enjoy whilst sitting down or playing outside to ensure they remain active and energetic. Water and diluted juice is arguably the best option during hot days to keep children refreshed, but fizzy drinks such as coke and lemonade are also popular choices.




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Providing children with fun-packed activities and entertainment is one of the most important aspects of hosting a kid’s party. Although integrating a theme can set the tone for a fun-packed day, it still requires an element of activity to ensure every child enjoys the party. Allowing children to play freely in the garden may be enough to satisfy their need to be energetic, but going the extra mile can make a difference between the traditional party and one that children will remember for the rest of their lives. Hiring child entertainers such as puppeteers and magicians creates a wonderful show for children to enjoy, while playing fun games such as musical chairs and pass the parcel generates plenty of smiles and laughter – moments which make hosting a party worthwhile.


Hosting a sleepover may not be considered the norm for a children’s party, but allowing a few friends to stay over requires its own planning and consideration. Providing a late night story, along with milk and biscuits, can be the perfect tonic for children to relax after a long, exciting day of playing party games and get ready for bed. Although asking other parents to provide their child with a sleeping bag may allow a group to sleep together and ensure they remain in the same room for safety purposes, the hosts could also look into a range of folding beds and pull-out sofa beds. These types of bed are designed to provide homeowners with accommodating facilities that assist when having people stay over; folding beds are designed with comfort with mind, which is ideal for children who may require a good night’s sleep to recuperate after a long day. 

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