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7 reasons you NEED a Julie Slater & Son satchel

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Once the children are a bit older and you no longer need a huge bag to carry nappies, snacks, bottles, drinks, change of clothes around you can let out a sigh of relief and replace the trusty nappy bag with another large bag! Well you need – wet wipes, diary, iPad, mobile, purse, colouring book and crayons (entertainment needed moments!),l snacks for the children and you! Oh and that bit of fluff and loose change we all have lurking at the bottom of our bags!

Back in February the lovely Julie Slater and Son sent me a Mono Hoop Satchel to take to DisneyLand Paris with me – yes it has taken me a while to put pen to paper, fingers to keys BUT we haven't half given this bag a good workout!

julie slater and son satchel

With children giant bags with lots of pockets, and I love the mono hoop satchel as most of the pockets have a zip, are important for trying to organise the masses of stuff neatly. Here are my 8 reasons why you NEED a Julie Slater and Son satchel! Feel free to add your own reasons in the comments below!

  1. Perfect for trips abroad – the inside zip pocket is perfect for storing safely passports, tickets and boarding passes. I had 5 in mine and I felt super safe and happy. 

  2. Collecting Easter Eggs – during our Easter Egg hunt with Studland Sea School the moo's collected quite a few and luckily my massive bag allowed me plenty of room for safe carriage of our precious cargo.  Easter Egg hunt julie slater and son

  3. Blogging and Business Networking Events – the front pocket is the perfect size for business cards and as there is two you can do a pocket for those cards you have collected from others. It also fits perfectly my book “Crafting a Successful Small Business” and my A5 Blogging for Business Booklets.

  4. Day's out – you need a large bag for the collection of picnics, prizes, twigs, drawings and shells or whatever it may be! julie slater and son

  5. Hiding Sweets – did I mention the zip pockets!? Perfect for hiding contraband that you don't want to share with other members of the family ;)

  6. Designer bag high street price! - the mono hoop satchel gives any designer bag a run for it's money and with 66% off at the moment making it a snip at £19 it's well worth adding to your wardrobe! 
  7. When meeting celebrities – it's important to look classy when meeting celebrities and nothing says “I'm the bees knees” better than a Julie Slater and Son Mono Hoop Satchel! sid and julie
  8. Family Photos – no family photo is complete without a Julie Slater and Son satchel in it … I mean it's just law! 

Wimborne Model Town Julie Slater satchel

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I'd not heard of these before, so thank you! Hope you had a fab trip, too x

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  2. It has zipped compartments - that's what I need!! Can never find anything!

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