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Sylvanian Families by Megan aged 6

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When I asked Megan to collect and prep the Sylvanian Families characters to sort pictures for this review she took it one step further as only my little artist Megan can and drew them! How cute is this!

sylvanian family megan

I like Sylvanian families because ive got the beach

they love my beach

sylvanian collage


sylvanian families are the best!

and ive got meerkat babbys

but ive got a car too

sylvanian family bus


I love sylvanian families!

Megan was sent the Sylvanian Family Bluebird Seven Seater Bus (RRP £28.99) and Freya' Day at the Seaside (RRP £12.99). 

The Bluebird Seven Seater Bus includes :-

  • Seven seater car for Sylvanian Families members
  • Includes 3 removable baby car seats
  • 3 seat combinations, traditional front facing, back seats facing towards each other and flat to create a bed

Freya's Day at the Seaside includes :-

  • Chocolate Rabbit Sister Freya in lovely bathing suit
  • Swimming ring
  • Deck chair
  • Round table with umbrella
  • A refreshing glass of orange juice.

As the car doesn't come with any figures Megan decided to buy the meerkat triplet babies with her birthday money who as you can see sit perfectly in the baby car seats. Daddy Moo and I also bought her the father and mother rabbit.  I am totally in love with Sylvanian Families! They have provided Megan (and Olive) with hours of fun. Unlike dolls such as Elsa and Anna from Frozen or Rapunzel et al ... the girls have free range to use their imagination and have no preconceived idea of a storyline to follow. I also love the vintage feel to the figures with their over sized flowered tea dresses on.  There is a certain air of purity and innocence about them.  They are well priced with prices to suit all budgets, my only small quibble is that a lot of the accessories - houses, cars, buses don't come with figures so you will need to factor this in. We have already started to make a list of the figures and accessories the girls have their eyes on. They make great gifts and stocking fillers for Christmas.  

We're going on an adventure

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  1. Freya's day at the seaside is so cute. I'm sure little man would love to play with it! :) x

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  2. They're so cute aren't they! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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  3. I used to love Sylvanians as a little girl but my children have never really taken to them. Love the drawing :) Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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  4. I love this little set, we tried out the country kitchen set a few weeks ago. Love the drawing to #TriedTested

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  5. Aww! How adorable!! What a great drawing. I'm so glad sylvanian families are still around. I used to love them as a child.

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  6. Awww look at that adorable drawing! Megan clearly loves her Sylvanian family :) #TriedTested

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  7. My girls never had any sylvanian families but I think they are so cute. The little sets you can are so lovely. Your little girl looks like she is having good fun with them.

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