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Liberty's Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre

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Years ago (well 3 to be exact) we decided to celebrate Megan's birthday a day early as Daddy Moo had to work on her actual birthday. When you are 3 you don't know any better! As a birthday treat we went to Liberty's Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre – the children were 4, not quite 3 and 10 weeks old so they were free and I had a voucher for buy one get one free meaning it was a real bargain day out.

We stayed a couple of hours – but I did remember the children quickly got bored of seeing row upon row of owls in cages. We watched a bird display show too – with a really naughty peregrine falcon, an owl and Liberty the Bald Eagle. Moo was in his element even then he has had a fascination with animals wanting to be a vet.

A few months ago I spotted a HighLife deal £14 for 2 adults and 2 children (under 5's are free) which meant it was a great offer to share with friends. This summer has been crazy but luckily we booked the date in our diaries months ago. The display times aren't listed on the website – which is a bit annoying. As I was picking up the keys for our new home (more of this to follow later) Kara from Chelseamamma and I decided to meet at 12. The car park is a bit small and was already full up but staff did come out and wave people about to spots.  

The reptile show started at 2 and the flying display at 3. By the time we were in and organised we had 1.5 hours to kill which doesn't sound a lot but to be honest not much has really changed since we were last there. We started in the reptile house – well I say we, the girls found some drawing outside and settled down with that.

Since we went to Lollibop (more about that later too!) and met the Animal Man, Moo has been insistent that he would like a bearded dragon. He was fascinated by them and had a few key facts he'd googled to share with me.

We made our way around the owls and other birds either in cages or out on stands. I never realised just how many varieties of owls there are and some make some right old peculiar noises! With some time to spare we stopped in the café and had a well earned cuppa and an ice cream. We had eaten beforehand but there are plenty of benches about for you to bring a picnic along. The only thing really missing is a little play area – this would have been a much welcomed relief.

liberty reptile

Just before 2 we headed to the reptile house where Moo moaned A LOT because he was sat quite a way back from the front after a lot of moaning I persuaded him to come and sit with me at the front. Then in epic sod's law style it made no difference as the animals were brought around the audience!! Moo also didn't like that you didn't get a chance to touch one of the reptiles. I think he was hoping for a bearded dragon hug. There were no hand washing facilities dotted about like in children's farms and they specifically said not to touch. The lady who gave the talk was really knowledgeable about all the reptiles and their previous lives which was really interesting.

By 3pm the younger members of the group had began to tire and if I was to go again I'd definitely aim for the 12pm flying show and sandwich lunch and a walk between that and the reptile show. Moo had also wanted to ask the lady a few questions but as we wanted to get good seats he didn't have a chance. The flying display was really good and it's quite funny watching the birds flying into the audience. The vultures were very entertaining hopping about following Jayson like a dog and sitting in the audience next to a very perplexed little girl!

owls and raptors

The staff are really knowledgeable and are what really makes Liberty's. They have an obvious passion and dedication to their birds and reptiles and this rubbed off on Moo. He took a couple of the comments made about the care of reptiles to heart and in his eyes this is law!

Moo – I liked the vultures. I liked the bearded dragons I hope Mummy will buy me one. It was funny when the man was holding the massive snake it looked really heavy.

Megan – I liked seeing the massive eagle and snake. I liked the scorpions and the trancula. It was really fun!

Olive – I like when I see an owl. zzhhkioyjuy7y76 I like drawing. I like doing like vultures jumping like rabbits like this (insert small child jumping like a rabbit).

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. Ahh, sounds like you have a real little animal love there. What a lovely day out x #countrykids

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  2. How lovely to meet up with a fellow blogger for a great day out! Liberty's sounds like it's well run and the staff are brilliant with both the animals and visitors. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun day out with Country Kids.

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