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Rock Reef UK

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Charlie Moo and Megan are both fans of the climbing wall at Lemur Landings and Daddy Moo himself climbs at one of the local sports centres as much as possible. When Kara from ChelseaMamma told us about a new indoor climbing centre which had been erected inside the old theatre on the pier we knew this was somewhere we just had to visit!

Rock Reef UK boasts not one but 25 different climbing walls which make up the clip and climb. You can also try the pier cave, highline (an aerial obstacle course) and for those who need a bit more of a thrill factor there are 3 adrenaline fuelled climbs/jumps too. Megan, Charlie and Daddy Moo decided to brave the clip and climb.

The staff who harnessed them up and explained how to use the clip system were really good and the system itself easy to use. Which meant I could help move the children around if one was still up high or Daddy Moo had started climbing.

rock reef

To say Moo loved it is an understatement! He has always had a thing about heights so I wasn't sure he'd be up for climbing the really high walls. So to begin with I was giving him lots of encouragement for just getting on the wall but before I knew it he was waving up from the highest walls looking like a tiny dot!!! He was in typical Moo stylee a sweaty mess by the end but he was so pumped and full of enthusiasm which was lovely to see.

Megan is a lot smaller than Moo and having only just turned 6 did struggle with a few of the walls. But she also struggled with her own frustration! When she didn't think about it she flew up the wall but as soon as she started to panic or struggle she found it harder to climb making her more frustrated! She definitely needs a bit more practice and patience. It's great to see her learning new life skills and having fun.

There is a café on the second floor which means that you can view the highline and also a viewing window into the cave. It can get busy and there are a maximum amount of people they can take at one time, while we were there queuing an announcement was made that they were full and lots of people who had come via footfall turned and left. So I think its really is worth booking online first – plus you fill out all the disclaimers then too.

The prices vary so there is something to suit all budgets. The clip and climb also takes around 1.5 hours to complete value for money its excellent. Rock Reef is a really excellent new resource to have in Bournemouth and I can see us spending time here in the holidays. The children were provided with a free session in order to review, but opinions and images are all ours.  

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  1. I think my eldest would love it here! I really want a go too :-)

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  2. You and me next Joanne?

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