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Dorset Wildlife Trust

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We spend a lot of time during the summer holidays at the library. There is of course the summer reading challenge, DVD's to rent and a weekly free craft activity. One week the craft activity was organised by the Dorset Wildlife Trust. The children made pictures and talked about various lizards you would see on the heaths of Dorset.

While there we were invited to an open day with lots of activities and guided walks from the Heatherland Centre in Ferndown (which backs on to the heath and is a few doors down from Nanny C). It was a donation based event and we popped along with my 2 nephews – the boys loved looking at and classifying all the moths the trust had caught over night. We also saw a snake and a slow worm which had been captured on Upton Heath. The team were all really knowledgeable. The girls enjoyed planting a plant for a caterpillar, making bookmarks and wooden necklaces (similar to those they made with Studland Sea School earlier in the year).

Making a lard & fir cone #birdfeeders (or as Megan said lamb & fur cone ekkkk) @dorsetwildlife

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We also went on a guided walk to find some sand lizards … it was a bit too breezy that day so sadly it wasn't to be. Moo was so interested that I decided to sign us up as a family. The children were so excited when there packs came through complete with membership cards, badges and magazines. There are so many events happening nearly every week too! We went for a walk last week at Avon Heath and were amazed again by the red toadstools that I'm definitely thinking about booking the children on a beginners mushroom workshop.

The Dorset Wildlife Trust can be found out and about lots. On Monday we went to another event at Haskins Garden Centre the children made bird feeders from a fir cone and lard. They also made paper spider hats and planted more butterfly plants – we left the suggested donation of £3. Moo even signed up to do a backgarden animal survey which he is excited about and already asked me around 50 times yet what time the badgers will appear in the garden!

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We are so lucky to live in such a lovely part of the country with plenty of wildlife opportunities around. Do you take the time to learn and meet your local wildlife?

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