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My Week Campagining!!

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Langtry Manor
For the past week I have been using social networking to the max to get my votes for the Dorset Business Mum of the Year


claire youngOn the first day of voting I secured a thumbs up, vote and Re-tweet from Claire Young, finalist in The Apprentice 2008. Claire says ‘supporting enterprise in the UK is something important to me and my work, so its great to see a young mum such as Joanne strive forward and inspire others. She certainly gets my vote!’


On Saturday I was thrilled and excited to see a tweet stating ’Joanne Dewbury calling for votes for Top Dorset Businesswoman for @CharlieMoos ’ from none other than Sarah Brown AKA Mrs Prime Minister herself. sarahI was immensely overwhelmed I must admit! I knew Mrs Brown was following me but I never imagined she would actually read my dribble! I sat for at least 10 minutes mesmerised it was when other tweets started pouring in and text messages that I realised just who had written it. My initial thought was she spelt my name wrong! I feel so honoured as I know that Mrs Brown is and advocate for women, especially mums with the campaigns such as million mums.
Sarah Tweet
This is a screen shot of Sarah's tweet which appeared on the website.
So fingers crossed now for the 13th May! Thank you to everyone who voted and supported me over the past week.

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  1. What a week you must be so proud!!

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