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5 ways to pimp your child's scooter this Christmas

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When we did our microscooter presentation in October Olive was delighted with her lovely purple mini micro. That was until Eliza pulled out her pimped ride from the back of the car and immediately Olive's face sunk. For weeks now all I've heard about is various attachments that every 3 year old MUST have on their scooter. Here are 5 of the top ones we have found so far!

5 ways to pimp your childs scooter

  1. Scoot 'n Pull – on hearing about Olive's scooter envy the lovely guys at scoot n pull sent her a lovely purple one to match her scooter. All you have to do is attach your Scoot 'n Pull to the scooter, put the loop around your wrist, and then pull your child along. It couldn’t be easier. All they have to do is steer. It's such a great idea – we normally grab Olive's by the handle and take it in turns pulling her back from Moors Valley so this will come in really handy and it looks super cool! You can also loop it round so that you can carry the scooter on your back! How awesome is this! RRP: £6.99 they are a great investment for those on mini microscooters.

  2. Scoot Beamzfrom the same genius' behind Scoot 'n Pull these fun, bright lights not only look cool but will help keep your child visible as they are scooting home. And let's face it when it's already dark at 4pm these days these are definitively a welcomed addition to any scooter. They are easy to attach, just wrap the strap around the pole or handles of your scooter and fasten tight. The light has three settings - fast flash, slow flash and constant - the material is also reflective, helping keep your child seen even when the light is off (bonus!). Charlie has a stunt scooter which as Scoot Beamz fits on all brands of scooter we have popped a green one on his. What 7 year old boy doesn't want flashing lights on his scooter! Available in four bright colours - yellow, green, blue and pink and retaining at £6.99 they will be the envy of everyone at the skate park! We were also sent a blue one which we have put on Olive's mini micro. scoot beamz

  3. Scooter RibbonsOlive loves her scooter ribbons from Sarah Lovell Art and they have already been moved from scooter to bike and now on her lovely mini micro ready for Christmas. The ribbons hang about 25cm in length and are easily attached to handlebars by the soft, colourful elastic.  I've even washed them twice and they still look fantastic at £3.95 they make a great stocking filler and are all handmade by Sarah herself.


Scooter ribbons on Olive's old scooter (the wheel fell off! handy!) 


The 3 items above are already donning her lovely new mini micro ready for Christmas but Olive has other items on her wish list! The Scoot basket and Scootaheadz – you can't have them both on the scooter at the same time though! Wonder which one Father Christmas is going to bring her!

  1. Scoot BasketI totally love these! They make me think of vintage bikes with the wicker basket on the front! Is a great way to transport teddies and toys but I think Olive would love filling it with treasures on our walks to Moors Valley – leaves, stones, sticks, bug shells, conkers, we could even put Moo's mushroom book in there to identify mushrooms on our walk! Again designed to fit all brands of scooter it attaches with velcro straps making it easy to remove and leaving plenty of room for little hands. Scoot Basket are made from a metal basket with all weather proof woven material (hey in the UK you need that!) it comes in two colours, pink and blue, and retails at £10.99   pink close up low res

  2. ScootaheadzEliza has a pony one of these and Olive was adamant she'd like the Lovely Lola purple pony one to match her scooter. They attach simply to the t-bar are waterproof, easy to clean and very, very long lasting. RRP: £14.99

I can't wait to see her little face now her mini micro is pimped to the max she will be the envy of all her pre-school chums makes me excited now about the ride to school week! Does your child have a pimped out scooter? Have I missed anything?

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