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It's beginning to look a BIT like Christmas

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I like to ease myself into Christmas gradually! And yes that does mean my tree isn't up yet!

I mean it's like only the 2nd December!! But it is beginning to look a BIT like Christmas.

Exhibit 1 : Homemade candles in red. I love making these candles and even Daddy Moo has had a go! I enjoy the satisfying feeling that bits of unloved wax don't end their days stuck inside a glass jar or silver tea light case, but is melted down and given a new lease of life! Who doesn't enjoy the smell and ambiance of candles.

Making candles with left overs #crafting #homemade

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Exhibit 2 : 3 character questionable chocolate advent calenders – yes who doesn't love Hello Kitty at Christmas! (our lovely fabric one is somewhere amongst the move boxes! I hope we find it soon!)

Buying 3 of the same brand advent calendar means doors and treats are all the same! #adventfail

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Exhibit 3 : These lovely LEDHut lights on silver wire RRP: £23.99. They are so versatile and can be used inside and outside. I love how they look in this glass vase (an absolute steal in Tesco £3!) I literally just unwound them and dumped the lights in the vase. You could also wind them around your Christmas tree. Or give your windows a festive look. They give off a really lovely warm glow and will more than likely stay in that vase until December next year!

Exhibit 4 : Homemade pot pourri. Yes check me out I am the queen of thrift this week! So how did I make this! Simple! I literally dried some fruit on a very low heat in the oven for a day! I bought some sad looking fruit in the reduced section – cranberries, lemon, lime and then a half eaten by Olive apple. Also add cloves, star anise and anything else festive (if you have some pine cones or conkers these would look great). It smells lovely and when the natural smell dissipates just keep topping them up with a drops of festive spice oil. 

#homemade #potpourri #christmas #lime #lemon #cranberries #apple #cloves

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So not a total bah humbug! But along way to go until it looks A LOT like Christmas. 

*The LEDHUT sent the lights for us to review*

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  1. I think you're a lot more ready for Christmas than I am, well done.

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