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DIY Olaf Costume

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Ages ago we were invited by ChelseaMamma for a girls day out to a Princess Ball. Megan of course was going to wear her Elsa dress I made and Olive was going to wear her Tinkerbell dress.  However 2 days before the ball she decided she wanted to go as Olaf and insisted I'd be able to make her one! Having literally just moved house most of my craft stash was still in boxes so I had to really think about what I was going to do. 

I decided to opt for a long sleeved white t-shirt as the base. Upon this I hand sewed 2 black felt circles and drew with black fabric crayons sticks on the arms.  I made a tutu by tying white net (I actually had some net curtains no longer needed and used these) to a length of elastic (which I had measured to fit Olive's waist) I went for short lengths to give it a fluffy look.

#operationolafcostume is underway! My 3 favourite girls are off to a Princess Party on Sunday! #frozen #diy

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Next was to decide how to make the mask. Olive was adamant she didn't want to wear facepaints so I did a quick google search and found a couple of Olaf images. I decided this mask (see pic above) from Room to Grow was perfect.  You could here just print this off as a paper mask and use ribbon/elastic to make it wearable. However Olive decided she wanted something to wear on her head. I cut out all the shapes and made the mask from felt. 

Working on #operationolafcostume this will be part of a headband ... Maybe ;)

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I then backed this with white felt and stuffed the scraps inside to make it 3D, then I attached it by tacking a loop on the back to a headband. 

Viola! Everything I used we had lying around in the house so the cost was nothing but my actual time. Surprisingly this costume is still played with and sometimes I find the Olaf head being snuggled by a sleepy child. 

Princess Ball October 2014 003

Olive being Olive then insisted on wearing red leggings!! 

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