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Thanks for flashing your lights at me.

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flashing car lights

Phot Credit ChelseaMamma 

Excuse me Mr/Mrs Motorist, 

Thank you for taking the time to "flash" your lights at me as I passed you earlier today.  However as per the universal code of light flashing I was undecided as to whether.

  1. I was approaching a sitting police car
  2. Maybe was travelling a little fast
  3. My lights are broken 
  4. Traffic was about to pile up
  5. My exhaust is falling off or smoke is coming out my engine
  6. A car/truck/ambulance is blocking part of the road
  7. My lights weren't on ... there appears to be some kind of unwritten rule that past 7pm even in the summer your lights must be on.
  8. You are a long lost relative trying to get my attention. 

By the time I arrive at home none of the above has happened and I'm left feeling perplexed and wondering why you decided to flash me today?

Thank you 

Puzzled Driver

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  1. 9. The driver accidentally turned the lights stick instead of using the wind screen wipers. Errrr I've never done that, honest ;)

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