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Getting Juicy with MOOsey

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It's January. The part of the year where we dust off the juicer/blender/smoothie maker and fill our fridges with exotic fruits and veg that you aren't even sure how to peel! But juicing doesn't have to be a faddy diet why not make it part of your daily routine?

Last January I embarked on a 30 day juice drinking mission. It wasn't about losing weight as such it was more about cutting down my bad coffee drinking habit and starting a new fresh vitamin full juice habit. I happily continued to drink a freshly made juice for most days and swapped cups of coffee for green tea and fruit based teas. I had a coffee first thing and a cup of builders tea last thing before bed. I managed this up until August, when the juicer started well grating instead of juicing. And before you knew it I had slipped back into drinking coffee a lot! I think as well I noticed my mood changed and I started to feel sluggish again. My skin is pretty rotten at the moment I look like a teenager. I don't want to go on any juice detox and this isn't a weight loss post about how many lbs I shed drinking juice. It's more a healthy alternative.There's no reason the children can't drink fresh juice and smoothies too! I find allowing the children to pick and juice their own fruit/veg is a great motivator for me to make myself something healthy.

I've got a copy of Jason Vale's The Funky Fresh Juice Book and it's got some ace juices in. I haven't gone to insane yet! I like simple apple, carrots and ginger but I did try the breakfast supplement slimming smoothie - apple, celery, lime, cucumber and ginger juiced then put in a blender with half an avocado. There didn't seem much avocado so I added the other half, the smoothie was yummy I just ate it with a spoon was more like mousse! Lesson learnt here! ( I also like this site Reboot with Joe which has a great substitution list if you struggle to find a certain fruit, have run out or find it too expensive)

Moo loves juicing his philosophy is if I like eating it it can't taste bad. Therefore veg like celery and kale are big no no's!

juicy with moosey

Juicy MOOsey Recipe
1 kiwi
1 apple or pear
handful of grapes
2 carrots

Do you like juicing? What is your favourite recipe?  


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