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Planning a child's party

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Organising a children's party can be expensive and stressful! Here are a few handy suggestions.

Party Theme

Having a theme helps to cumulate everything together – food, party bags, decorations, entertainment and can help with sticking to a budget. Popular party themes include Pirates, Dinosaurs, princesses and of course Frozen. For our joint party last year we went with Harry Potter something all my children love and full of ideas.

face painting

Party Decorations

Bunting is always a lovely way to decorate a room. We made Harry Potter themed paper bunting with string and pegs left over from hanging Christmas cards. The Mummy Adventure used green paper plates to make the very hungry caterpillar and the various sized and coloured pom pom bunting by Made by Me is both simple, cost effective and high impact. They look amazing.

Balloons are a great way to decorate the tables we used white ones that I drew an owl on. Keep up with the Jones used red and green balloons on her table to tie in the Peter Pan and Captain Hook theme. The use of green leave shape dishes, green napkins folded like Peter Pan hats and wicker baskets with the food in all add to the theme and creating the perfect ambience. If you aren't creative then you can always by the tableware to compliment the theme The Brick Castle went Star Wars mad with the tablecloth, plates, cups and napkins (I also like the cardboard Yoda cut out!).

Party Games

If you don't have an entertainer or a disco or in our case we had a wizard organising this for you remember to stick to the theme. During Mummy is a Gadget Geek's Room on the Broom themed party they took the time out to be read the story by an actual witch! And all the party games were parts of the story from bog jumping on bubble wrap, to fishing out frogs and throwing brown balloons at the dragon (I love how she roped all her family in to dress up!!)

Raisie Bay made the most of her garden and the sunshine with Frozen Bowling (Frozen Characters on water bottles that were knocked down with balls) and making their own snow! (I guarantee with any Frozen Party a rendition of Let it Go is a must!)

Pink Oddy's Scooby Doo party included watching a Scooby Doo movie! What a great way to keep the children quiet! They also had a face painter which like ours for Harry Potter kept to the spooky Halloween theme. I thought having Hello Kitty face paint in the middle of Harry Potter would be a bit odd so I was quite strict and they children had a limited choices of designs. But actually they didn't mind.

We also had a photo prop at our party. I made from a large cardboard box big enough for the children to get behind. Depending on your theme you can have a photo booth with silly hats, glasses, wigs etc. for their superhero party Pink Oddy used cardboard signs KAPOW! BANG! CRASH! vintage batman style, you could hang these on fabric or simply stick on a wall.


Party Food

Who says party food can't be healthy? Running with the Hungry Caterpillar theme The Mummy Adventure uses the story by serving up apples, pears and strawberries wonder if there was any salami on offer!?

We didn't go nuts with themed party food other than butterbeer as they children were young but I love the organisation Johnson Babies went into with her beach themed food. She even drew a table plan of how the water side and sand side would look! (She's a pro!) The shark fin and star fish cupcakes are such a simple but effective way to make cakes special. I also really like they use of buckets to hold food.

The Fugal Family opted for a pamper party meaning all the food was pink and girly! I'd never thought to put jelly and angel delight together but in the tall glasses it looks great (bet it tasted nice too!)

Party Bags 

Party bags are always the most difficult to organise as it can soon get really expensive if you have a large amount of children. I handmade fabric wizard party bag and wands for each child therefore I didn't feel the need to go mad as the bag was part of the gift. If you are doing party bags they really don't need to be stuffed to the rafters! All you need is of course a piece of birthday cake, bubbles, stickers, maybe a pencil and notebook or anything in keeping with your party theme.

planning a childs party

Using your theme you can always send the cherubs off with a reminder of the party. Keep Up With The Jones Family provided hooks, wands and tiaras in line with their Neverland Tinkerbell and Peter Pan theme.

Organising a party you can quickly run over budget so be creative, have a list and don't over fill party bags! Do you have any great themes or ideas to share? 

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  1. Tha'ts a great round up and there are things there that are incredibly simple, but I'd never have thought of them. Thank you for including a link to our Star Wars party :)

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  2. Fantastic ideas from everyone - thank you for featuring us!

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  3. What a fabulous round up of party ideas, I'm pinning this post so I know where to go when I'm planning my parties for this year :) oh, and thanks for including my Frozen party x

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