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What is the point of champagne?

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Years ago I won a gorgeous hamper as part of Sage Business Experts and inside was a beautiful bottle of Champagne.

I wrote on it 1000.

My book “Crafting a Successful Small Business" had been on sale for a few months and this was my first goal to hit the 1000 sale target. Little did I know this would happen so quickly.

Barely a few weeks later Daddy Moo (who doesn't really drink and definitely doesn't do bubbles) and I sat looking at it.

It seemed such a waste to drink it on a school night.

So we saved if for the weekend.

But then the weekend came and the occasion didn't feel special enough.

Maybe I should have put on a party dress and make up!?

So again it sat on the shelf for a few more weeks.

Eventually Daddy Moo reasoned with my insanity.

What was the point in having a target reaching it but not drinking the reward.

I deserved it!

I'd worked really hard!

And with a huge pop and ooh the bottle was open and I guzzled it down like a good en!

The bubbles popping down my throat.

I felt like a movie star.

Well only if movie stars wear blue terry towelling dressing gowns and cow print pj bottoms.


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Now I'd like to say my Friday night tipple while curled up on the sofa watching HP and eating cheese balls is a giant bottle of Tesco Moet and Chandon Champagne but sadly it's a simple bottle of white. 

But I remember the bubbles with fondness.

Daddy Moo has a couple of lovely customers who really appreciate his hard work gardening and for Christmas gave him a beautifully boxed (yes boxed that's how posh this bottle is) Champagne. Which as we speak is gathering dust (metaphorically its not actually been standing there that long) as we wait for the perfect moment to drink said bottle.

When is the perfect moment?

Should you set a target?

Maybe make a time and date?

Should I just say “Sod it! I can drink champagne when ever I like!” (*insert drink responsibly warning here*)

What is the point of champagne?


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  1. I LOVE Champagne ... but there are great less expensive alternatives like Cava or Prosecco. Yes I would say "sod it" - you're worth it.

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  2. You never need an excuse to drink champagne. Why? Because it's seen as an 'expensive' drink? Good champagne (like good chocolate) gives you the same feeling as being in love the first time. Who wouldn't want to feel like that? Having said that, I *love* drinking champagne with girlfriends...the best feeling of friendship.

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  3. Ailsa

    We too are not big drinkers, well Craig likes a beer after a tough day but I'll quite easily go months and months without any alcohol. In the summer a fruity cider on a summers evening is lovely but I never 'need' a drink and hence most of our given bottles of wine or bubbles get regifted! Shocking but true, emergency presents can always be dug out of the back of our cuboard and dusted off ready for someone else to enjoy ;)

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  4. Oh I do love an excuse to celebrate! We'll be enjoying a bottle (or two!) this week as it's Hubby's birthday - and I'm cooking us a lovely meal at home. I can't wait! We've also got a special bottle of champagne that we bought when we got married - we're saving it for a super occasion. Exactly what that is or when is still to be decided.

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