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A Trip to the Bear Hospital | Build A Bear

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Christmas 2009 when Megan was 1 and Charlie 2 we went to Build a Bear Factory and they made each other a bear. Charlie an owl and Megan a rabbit. Up until then Megan hadn't been that keen on teddies but as soon as she opened rabbit on Christmas morning she was in love.

For Olive's first Christmas we made her a dog but she's never been too fussed by him. In the move I noticed his back had opened so I popped him on a shelf for safe keeping. Olive does have another Build a Bear dog who she does like and calls BB (short for bumble bee as he has a bumble bee outfit). Being 5 years old Rabbit is well loved (she also has a black mark on his ear where I accidentally sucked her up the hoover!) and she's been stitched by me badly a few times. This Christmas the girls both got pj's for themselves and a matching set for their Build a Bear's from Huggy and Me. This now means a nightly ritual of changing Rabbit (yes her name really is Rabbit she is best friends with a blue Care Bear named Simon!) and BB's clothes before bed. Rabbit, Simon and BB have also started riding around in the pushchair and sleeping in the dolls bunk beds.

Off to @buildabear to be fixed #rabbit #bearhospital #surpriseforMegan

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Tragedy struck last week when during bedtime routine Rabbit's heart fell out! Cue mass hysteria from Megan! Luckily I was quickly informed on Twitter that there was a bear hospital instore! So Friday morning Olive packed rabbit into her back pack and we trundled off to the hospital.

build a bear

Olive was also armed with Christmas pennies. Which resulted in her stuffing an Olaf. Initially this didn't go down well as Eliza held up a saggy Olaf and Olive cried I want that one, pointing at a stuffed one! Eventually we persuaded her to come and follow us and that it was fun! The girls enjoyed pumping Olaf full of fluff, making sure he was cuddly enough and making wishes on hearts. Olive picked a purple heart which was £1 and that money was donated to the make a wish foundation. Eliza and I popped a red one inside so with 3 hearts Olaf is super loveable! The staff at Build a Bear are really chatty and amazing with the children making the experience as special as possible.

Hearts to go inside #olaf @buildabear #bestfriends @chelseamamma ❤️ these two cuties

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The lovely lady in the bear hospital fixed rabbit and dog in record breaking time and they look amazing. Megan was so pleased when she got home from school to find him repaired.

There is something to suit everyone budget and with the added extras – voice boxes, scents, clothing etc … you can make the experience as expensive as you like. Charlie is a massive fan of How to Train Your Dragon and I know he would love Toothless. A perfect present for his 8th Birthday I think!

Are you a Build a Bear fan? 

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  1. We love Build A Bear. I've lost count at how many we have now.

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