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Durlston Country Park

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Whilst M&M went off for a sleepover with the Beavers at the local middle school Olive and I decided to go on an adventure with the ChelseaMamma gang. Kara's been in my ear for weeks about going to Durlston Country Park, it's just passed Swanage main town and is quite a gem (but don't tell Kara that). We were slightly unprepared for what lie head.

From the car park we meandered along a beautiful walkway carved in Portland Stone depicting the Jurassic History and lined with fossils. There is something so tactile about Portland Stone and I really want to take M&M fossil hunting. The path ended at the visitor centre which is inside Durlston Castle. It's such a quaint building with magnificent views. Inside there is a shop, café and lots of activities for the children to get involved with. I loved the photographic wall and would love to have seen half of the species on our walk.

Once outside we started to head down towards The Great Globe. Which lived up to it's name it is one of the largest stone spheres in the world and is constructed of Portland stone. M&M would have loved this, Moo has an old globe at home, sadly the beauty of this was lost on Olive who decided to er … roll down a hill instead! Ticking off number 2 on 50 things to do before you 11 ¾!

#50things rolling down the hill #swanage #durlston

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We started to follow the coastal path along towards the Lighthouse. Guided by an eager Olive who was desperate to get inside. We stopped briefly inside a bird hide and learnt how to spot a dolphin out in the water. Apparently you need to keep an eye out for white breaks in the water, a fin and seagulls. Although we spotted white water and seagulls we never saw a dolphin.


Just passed Tilly Whim caves, we discovered that the path was becoming far too dangerous for the pushchair and most importantly eager 3&4 yr old wanted to run off in front. We were ill equipped to be walking alongside a sheer drop that had no barrier with small children. We also didn't have in our backpacks a compass, waterproof matches and a whistle as suggested in The Ultimate Survival Guide by Knowsley Safari. However we could possibly have rubbed some sticks together to make fire and I did have what could possibly be flint from a previous trip to Avon Country Park in my pocket.

So we waved goodbye to the Lighthouse and headed back up the hill towards to castle. Once inside the gift shop we rectified the compass situation. I think it's probably a good idea to consult The Ultimate Survival Guide Infographic now before we take any more outdoors adventures.  

The ultimate survival guide

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Photo collage via ChelseaMamma's epic skilss! Disclosure this post is a collaboration with Knowsley Safari

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  1. So this is where you were when I was looking out for you at #SBS Event 2015! Looks like a great adventure and your two families get along so well, I love to see all the children together. Great place to visit and loving the survival guide skills. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

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  2. It was a fab day out despite the buggy getting stuck on a few rocks lol

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