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Harry Potter Book Night 2015

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Regular followers of Charlie Moo's will know that M&M are massive Harry Potter fans. Last year I threw a joint party Harry Potter themed. We made each child their own wands from chopsticks. Had a massive photo prop of an Askaban wanted poster, face painter and wizard to entertain them all. Almost a year later and they are still as nuts about HP probably a little bit more than ever!

Can't wait for #harrypotterbooknight #sortinghat #cloak #wand #noteeth

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The 5th February marks the first ever #HarryPotterBookNight with events going on up and down the country in libraries and bookstores. M&M both go to a library club once a month (Chatterbooks) where they do activities based on a book genre or author. In September they talked about diaries and this is where moo was introduced to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. On Tuesday they toddled off to library club dressed as Harry and Hermione, clutching a packet of Bertie Botts every flavour jelly beans. When they returned Megan had won the sorting hat and Philosopher's Stone in 2 activities, they were full of excitement and stories to tell.

The lovely Laura from Max and Mummy also works in Waterstone's and informed me about an event they had happening on the 5th at Castlepoint.


#harrypotterbooknight #waterstones

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Obligatory "Have You Seen This Wizard" Poster

#Quidditch #harrypotterbooknight Such a great idea!

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Quick game of Quidditch

A pictorial treasure hunt had been laid on too - which became a bit competitive! M&M also did a word search and made up their own spells (these would have made great party bag fillers).  We of course left laden with books - Diary of the Wimpy Kid Long Haul, The Worst Witch Strikes Again and the final book to make our HP collection complete Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Did you get to enjoy any #HarryPotterBookNight activities?

On Thursday 19th March Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter will unveil a 20,000ft2 expansion, including the original Hogwarts Express steam engine and a recreation of Platform 9 ¾. How amazing is this! The new, permanent section will offer a glimpse into how some of the films’ most iconic scenes were created as well as give visitors the chance to climb aboard the train’s carriage and to pose with a luggage trolley as it disappears through the platform wall.

British steam train no. 5972, ‘Olton Hall’, AKA 'Hogwarts Express' will be displayed on a realistic set of tracks with steam billowing as visitors step onto the platform.

Visitors will be able to walk along the train’s adjoining carriage and sit in the interior carriage set that was used during filming this includes the ‘windows’ that demonstrate the process used to create iconic train scenes from the films such as the escape of Harry’s first Chocolate Frog and the Dementor attack. I'm already sweaty palmed with excitement, now I just need to get an invisibility cloak so I can ear wig on Malfoy's plans!

This is such an exciting addition to The Making of Harry Potter. Hogwarts Express is iconic and I for one can't wait to take a seat in history. Do you have any Harry Potter fans? Or a favourite family book that you enjoy sharing together?

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