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Heirloom Jewellery

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When I was pregnant with Charlie, Daddy Moo bought me a beautiful bracelet with a lock clasp and a sliver vintage charm of a stork carrying a baby. We then hunted high and low, carboot sales, antiques fairs and charity shops for more vintage silver charms it wasn't long until the bracelet was completely filled. Some with intricate moving pieces, like a lovely sewing machine that's handle turns, or opened to reveal surprises I've a little church that opens up with pews inside. We then bought a second hand one with a few charms on for Megan one Christmas.

#Heirlooms #special #charmbracelets present for Megan's 5th birthday xxx

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She soon collected a few charms from family members which the lovely Grianne from Times To Treasures soldered on and then gave it all the most amazing clean.As much as I love these bracelets and chatting with Megan about where each charm came from, who bought them for us and how special they are, they aren't practical to wear. Mine has 30 charms on it's not exactly light and Megan's 6 so it's not exactly safe on her ickle wrist! And we'd both be heart broken if they broke. So last year Daddy Moo and Nanny C started off my Pandora collection.

Daddy Moo bought me 3 charms to start – a cow (representing Charlie Moo's), a heart (representing how much everyone loves me) and a J … well self explanatory! And it snowballed from there. I didn't think I'd wear it much but I rarely go out without it now. I love how each charm has a special meaning to me.

charmed by michael matthews

For example the pink hearts were given to me last Valentine's Day literally the FIRST Valentine's present Daddy Moo has bought me in about 10 years!! When Grandma passed away in the Summer we were given a bit of cash I wanted to buy a coloured bead as most of mine were silver. It was really important to me to have something no matter how small, before we unexpectedly spent the cash on bills and children! The Buddha I bought with birthday money – I was so pleased to finally get him in my collection! 

kara guppy ( & joanne dewberry ( 2

Kara and I at Charmed by Michael Matthews Christmas Party  

Thanks to my gorgeous friend Kara (ChelseaMamma) I finally added a danglingly one in the form of forever friend butterflies. Now all I NEED is the snowflake! I'm so desperate to get it and everywhere has sold out! STILL!!!

forever friends

I love my bracelet and definitely think when the girls reach a significant birthday either 16 or 18 we will buy them a charm bracelet like this. I love how wearable it is and how personal it becomes. I also love that most stores keep a list of which charms you have which is useful when partners come to buying them!  I hate to say it although I was late to the Pandora party I'm a total convert?

Do you have a special piece of jewellery? Or are you nuts about Pandora? 

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