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Lewey's Swap Shop | Book Swap

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I loved reading as a child and I've always been keen to share my love of books with the children. After a rocky start with reading I did worry that Moo's mindset was in “reading is a chore” that he'd never learn to love books. He enjoyed reading factual books, how things work, life cycle of a frog etc .. but had no real interest in stories. We visit the library a lot especially in the holidays for the free craft activities. We normally rock up, make something, get a couple of books and a DVD and spend a good 3 hours there. However this summer after completing for the 3rd time the reading challenge (reading 6 books through the holidays and collecting stickers along the way. Once completed each child receives a medal and certificate – which is handed out at school) Angela, our lovely librarian told us about Chatterbooks a monthly club where they stay for an hour and do activities based around a book genre or topic. I signed M&M up straight away and the first months topic was Roald Dahl. Moo has an extensive collection of Roald Dahl books and Horrible Histories on his bookcase but he's never really read any. He enjoys the vocabulary and humour of both and although he never got totally engrossed in the books he had a flick through.

I love watching him reading! The little giggles when he finds something funny!!

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The second month was all about diaries. We have seen the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie quite a few times now and the cheese thing still makes me gag! The book Moo chose was Cabin Fever one neither of us had read. After a few days Moo had read all 217 pages of the book! I couldn't believe it! We'd find him sitting in the living room under a blanket before school, giggling away to himself and now he wanted more! He had to write a book report about the diary for library club which he then used for Beavers towards his hobby badge. Reading was becoming his thing. Moo started reading pages and chapters from books that had languished on his bookshelf for years. For Christmas Nanny Moo bought him a Wimpy Kid Boxset and by new year he'd devoured one and started another. I found the 3rd movie at the library and spent the whole time beaming as Moo whispered spoilers in my ear – he'd really read it, understood it and enjoyed it. His birthday is in a few weeks and more books are on his list only you guessed it Wimpy Kid ones.

When I heard that Lemur Landings was holding a blind book swap I knew this was a great opportunity for Moo to try something new. However he's not very good at giving up his possessions and finding a single book to swap was a bit of a chore. Luckily it turns out he had two copies of Horrible Histories Ruthless Romans which he gladly took to swap.


The idea is that the children wrap up and label their books with stickers stating what sex it's for and what age group (0-3, 4-7, 8-12) if the book was unisex you just stuck both stickers on. When we arrived there was already a huge pile of wrapped books ready donated by a local Usborne Book lady. After we wrapped our books the next part was the hardest deciding which new ones we wanted to take! The girls were happy with their books but Moo was slightly undecided. 8-12 is quite a large age range in terms of reading capabilities and after a brief chat we decided that the book he choose was just too hard. Luckily we just swapped it!! Second time Moo picked a Lemony Snicket book and having seen this movie too once I explained what it was he was beside himself with excitement.

#LeweysSwapShop wonder what's inside?

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The blind book swap runs until the 8th March at Lemur Landings in line with World Book Day this Thursday. It's a really great idea and I'm sure I'll be persuaded to go again before the week is out!

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  1. Lizz

    I think the blind book swap is a great idea, plus I loved seeing your little ones excitement when they got there new books, I can't wait to hear about the books and look forward to wrapping books with other children ? see you again soon at lemur landings x

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