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Farmer Palmers in the rain!?

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Farmer Palmers isn't the first place you think of to go when it's raining but it's actually pretty good! Bar the parks and outside pens most of Farmer Palmers is under cover. Wearing quite a few layers we arrived at 10:30am and surprisingly struggled to park! I was expecting a lovely chilled quite day but appeared half of Dorset had decided Farmer Palmers was the place to be. The lady on reception gave us a timetable and we started to walk through. Olive and Charlie spied the tractor ride ons and were off like a shot. I managed to tear them away for a quick look at the pig in the barn, but Megan spotted the hay slides and they had vanished.


Despite the rain these 3 had an udderly MOOverlous time at @FarmerPalmers

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Remembering previously how busy the lamb feeding gets I persuaded the 3 of them to leave the slide and come and take a seat on the hay bales. We watched the lambs ferociously trying to clamber over each other, while the milk bottles were handed out, then we all shouted “let out the lambs” and like a whirlwind lambs were running about. Charlie loved this, the lambs are surprisingly strong so I did have to give Olive a hand to hold onto the bottle.

farmer palmers feb 2015

It was starting to rain heavy so we took shelter in the new play barn. The girls loved it here, after a while Moo returned to inform me he was too tall to be in there and was going out to the hay slides. Putting his shoes and coat back on he trotted off. The play barn is so beautiful and new, my only grumble is the lack of seating for grown ups and it was really cold in there. However this didn't stop the girls who thought it was fab. We posed for a picture with the giant cow! Just before 12pm I called the girls over and we went to groom the pony. Charlie had made a friend in the hay barn but was quick to shout buy and come with us!

After pony grooming, they played on the bouncy castle which is under cover and surrounded by lots of picnic tables. We decided to go for lunch after we had hand fed the goats at 1pm. Charlie loved feeding the goats however he became a bit of a goat snob and would only feed the cute ones!

Hand feeding the goats at @farmerpalmers Moo would only feed the cute little ones!!

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We went for lunch inside the café. For the four of us, plus drinks and a cake it came to just under £20 which I thought was really good value. The girls went to play in the soft play area, Moo and I ate a piece of cake (shhhh don't tell them!) then he abandoned me for the hay slides again! It's lovely and warm in the café so I just let them get on with it for about an hour. I finally rounded them up and we went off to hold a guinea pig. Since we moved in September all 3 children have been desperate for a new pet (poor George the cat!) as our house is too small had always been our go to excuse! Charlie had been suggesting all day a guinea pig might be a good pet. He and Olive sat enjoying a cuddle and chatting about how cute they were, when Charlie's made a run for it and sat on Olive's lap trying to push her guinea pig out the way. I carefully moved him back to Charlie but after a few minutes he was of again. The assistant suggest that Charlie hold Olive's and she his. Only within seconds this guinea pig had not only bolted from Charlie's lap but climbed down the back of the hay bail and a rescue mission had to be undertaken. We giggled and Moo sighed “Guinea pigs hate me. Can we have a rabbit instead?

guinea pigs

There are plenty of places to wash your hands and other than the tractor ride, ponies and park we actually did everything we did last time we visited!  We didn't leave until nearly 4pm all a bit muddy, cold and tired but super happy! Farm animals rule!  

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. We love farm animals! Farmer Palmers looks and sounds like a brilliant day out for all the family :) And the cafe does sound fantastic value! #countrykids

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  2. I love the look of Farmer Palmers, perhaps because it reminds me of Coombe Mill although they are ahead of us with their lambs. We are still waiting for our first. Looks like a thumbs up for you after a long day of animal magic. thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

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  3. We love Farmer Palmers and I am going to renew our season passes this year. It is frustrating having Eliza finish at 12 as it means we can't spend very long there

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