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Mother's Day Cards from Postsnap | Review

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I'm a huge fan of Postsnap since meeting them at Lemur LinkUp in October. I use them on a regular basis and as the app is so easy to use I have roped Charlie in to helping! The app is free to download and every update it just gets better! The card categorises section is easy to use and there is always a huge amount of pre-designs to chose from.

Here are a few of the things we have sent :-

  • We sent Nanny Moo a postcard with 4 images on depicting days out from our summer hols it said “Thanks for the memories!”

  • Large postcard to Megan when she became a bona_fide Beaver after being invested.

  • Birthday card to Grandad Moo.

  • Megan send a mini postcard to Maid Marion of the two of them together (after meeting her at Lighthouse Poole Panto)

  • Charlie sent a large postcard of a moon photo taken at Winchester Science Centre to his space mad friend!

  • Birthday Card to Daddy Moo

  • Christmas Cards to our 4 main relatives using a photo of the 3 children meeting Father Christmas.

  • Charlie made a big postcard of the children, 2 friends and the Gruffalo from Moors Valley to send them as a reminder of all the fun we had when they stayed at half term.



I like that you can add a photo signature aswell as a written one. It's such a personal way to send someone a message.

The postcards are my favourite and reasonably priced £1.50/£2 and cards are £3. I suggest though signing up to Postsnap's newsletter and follow them on Facebook, where they share special offer codes and run regular competitions. I've always been really pleased with the quality and speed of delivery. You can also select a delivery date yourself.

You can currently get 25% off using CHARLIE25 on Mother's Day cards (one use per customer) however you only have until Wednesday (11th March 2015) to order and ensure delivery.

Disclosure - I was provided with £3 pre paid credit to send my mum a Mother's Day card but most of the cards I've sent I have paid for myself. 

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