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Soakology Windsor Taps | Review

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There is so many areas of our new home I don't like and I know I should be patient but er .. I'm not! I'm quickly learning though that DIY isn't as easy as I think!! The upstairs bathroom needs lots of work. The plugs holes are worn, we need an electric shower, towel rail, coat hook for dressing gowns on the back of the door, the tiles are a bit sad (although Daddy Moo thinks we should just re grout) and the walls are magnolia! Not anything huge (well so I thought!) it's all a bit bleurgh!

Soakology offered us some new bathroom taps, which gave me the opportunity to put a bit of my own stamp on the place! I choose these traditional Windsor taps (RRP £39) as I loved the shape of them and the vintage feel of the white hot and cold labels. Delivery was really fast and within a few days we had them. However I decided there wasn't any point replacing the taps and leaving the tarnished, worn plug hole. I really detest the ugly rubber black plugs and thus opted for a sleek, shiny, pop up one.


In my mind this was an easy job just take off the old taps, plug put the new one on. Right? How hard can that be?! Firstly Daddy Moo ain’t no plumber. Meaning some of the equipment needed we didn't have. Secondly to access the taps and plug the whole sink needed to be removed from the wall. (whoops who knew?)

Lets just change the plug and taps idea is going well! Good job I know he ❤️'s me! #Diy #homeimprovement #bathroom

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One of the washers broke in the removal meaning that the waste pipe was leaking!! Once this was sorted there was of course the fact that the sink now needed to be re-sealed onto both the wall and floor! However it now looks AMAZING!! I'm so pleased! There is a tiny bit of dirt where the old taps were that needs scrubbing off but other than that the boy did good! (Just took him a week to do it all!)

new taps

The only problem now is that I want to replace both the bath taps, plug oh and the downstairs toilet too!!! Whoops!

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