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Hotter Loves Mum | Review

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One of the great things about following your favourite brands on social media is that you are well clued up on new products, fashion trends and of course the sales/offers/discount information is always handy! I've avidly been stalking taking an interest in the Spring line launched at Hotter Shoes. I love the mustard, coral and duck egg blue colours. I had totally fallen in love with the mustard precious pumps and kept telling anyone who would listen how lush they would look with this fantastic Hobo shoulder bag (Julie Slater and Son) the punched/cut out detail is a key fashion feature this year. You can see it present in most high street stores.

As part of their Mother's Day campaign Hotter invited me to bring my Mum along to discover the amazing comfort concept and convert her into a Hotter lover! Back in November my Mum came with me to London to the What's On 4 Me Awards. I wore my Hampshire boots as they are so versatile dress down with jeans for the school run and for the Awards I work a black pencil skirt and sparkly top. I knew that the trip would involve a lot of walking and that Hotter's secret Comfort Concept - super soft leathers, lightweight, cushioning, flexible, breathable and fittings to suit you were the shoes I needed to be wearing! Mum on the other hand went for style over comfort and soon regretted this and had very achy feet!

 joanne & mum

Photo Credit Louise Jolley Photography 

When we arrived at Hotter mum gravitated towards her usual style of trainer, thankfully they didn't have her size in the colour she wanted. I suggested she try on a few other shoes and if she really wanted those then we could order them in. Mum was soon quite taken with the man tailoring and in particular a stylish, slip-on ladies kiltie called Shipley. She even found a tan satchel with a longer strap inside the bag which match the Shipley perfectly. Well you have to have a matching bag! As it was Mother's Day I purchased the bag for her. (Both of which I forgot to photograph!)

I on the other hand had a complete shoe dilemma! The precious I so had my eye on didn't have that magic sparkle about them when I tried them on. I found 2 other styles the PollyAnna Wedge and Valetta shoe. Both of which I adored and both of which I wore one of each for about 45mins! My heart was saying Valetta and my head PollyAnna they would be much more practical for the school run etc .. In this situation I did what every good girl does even if she is 34 – I asked my Mum and that was it Valetta shoes all mine! So far I must admit I've not worn them out yet … just stroked them lovingly!

 hotter shoe dilemma

Why not introduce your mum to Hotter. The staff are always so knowledgeable, helpful and polite. I highly recommend them! 

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  1. I know what you mean about the Pollyanna being more practical, but the Valetta's are lovely.

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  2. Elaine @ Entertaining Elliot

    How funny, that's the ones my mum chose too! x

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  3. I do love those Valetta shoes - mine are sat in their box, I need the spring weather and sharpish!

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