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A space themed party and some glittery stars

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For Charlie's 8th birthday he wanted to have a phaser tag party but only invite 3 friends! With himself, sister and 2 cousins he has no choice over that made 7 still not actually enough for a party. Luckily Lemur Landings were holding one of their phaser tag nights a few weeks before Moo's birthday so I booked the 7 of them on and everyone was happy. We decided on a space theme for the party bags, which will filled with space dust (popping candy), a winners medal and an Earth wall decal. I also bought a box of celebrations and divided all the galaxy, Mars and milky ways between the 7 party bags (then Daddy Moo and I had to eat the rest!) The children also had their game cards, plus cake!! There really is no need to over fill bags!

Space Party Bags are £1.95 each from Charlie Moo's shop (contents not available)

Moo has always been a big fan of space, most of our date nights consist of going to the Winchester Science Centre. For Christmas I had a photo of the moon (which was taken through a telescope on my iPad) printed and framed. He also has a few glow in the dark stars on the wall and a solar system rug. I did mention he likes space!

We don't do eggs for Easter (yet they still end up with a million each!) instead we opted this year for books and the fab guys at University Games sent us a packet of Twinkle Stars; glow in the dark glitter stars and Planets and Stars; 9 glow-in-the dark planets, 21 glow-in-the dark stars.

Moo is pleased with his #planets from #universitygames #alternativetochocolate #easter

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Moo casually disappeared with all 9 planet, arranged them in order of his rug and then chose a spot to put them up on before I even had chance to think. He also insisted we made Leo constellation on the ceiling!

Thankfully the girls were much easier and were happy to cover wall space and ceiling with random star shapes! I love glow in the dark stars they add a subtle but not intrusive glow to the children's bedroom. The great thing is they are easy to take down when they have had enough or want to move them and the putty doesn't peel off the paint. 

Used his #planets rug to put them all in order #universitygames #easter

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Ranging from £3.99 on Amazon they are a great alternative to chocolate, stocking filler or special treat at the end of term.

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