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Our Garden Planning List | Summer 2015

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We have been working hard in the garden making it wildlife friendly and now to make it look lush!! We have lots of “stuff” from our old garden, plus Nanny C is moving house too so we are acquiring more. As you have guessed our tastes are pretty eclectic and we do like a mix match of styles, we are also quite big on reusing and recycling. Last week we started to make borders for our flower beds with old bed slats, Daddy Moo had salvaged. Can't wait for this bed to be filled with flowers! 


Quick after school #gardening project with @davidgiltrow making use of old bed slats #recycle

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Living by the new forest and sea we collect a lot of “treasure” some bits like moss, pretty stones and sea glass Megan has put into her fairy garden the other bits live in a bucket. We have a vast collection of artist paints so I think I'm going to let the children decorate some of them. We also have a collection of golf balls from walking along the heath near the golf course screaming out to be painted like ladybirds! These will look lovely nestled into the flower beds. I notice that Rust-Oleum do glow in the dark paint!! That would jazz some shells up a bit! I bought some solar lights from LEDHut which were not only a bargain but also look great lit up at night along the flower bed.  

#shells #golfballs smooth #rocks stuff the girls have collected to paint to decorate #flowerbeds #garden #gardening

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We also have a shed in need of some TLC, after a lick of paint, new roof and windows I'm looking forward to decorating with bunting, lights and hanging baskets. I love this idea on Rust-Oleum's blog to respray your chiminea ours is inherited and I actually remember cooking sausages on it in Nanny C's garden long before and small moo's arrived so it's pretty old and rusty! A lick of paint though and it will look epic!

There isn't any grass in the back garden sadly it's all patio slabs and flower beds. The sand pit is quite safe on the patio but our slide isn't. However we have considered taking up a few slabs and adding something like play bark from compost direct or maybe fake artificial grass to act as a cushion around the slide.

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Daddy Moo also wants to build a playhouse or den … which is why he tells me there is an old metal table frame loitering in the garden! I however think this yarn teepee is a much cuter idea!  Have you got any big plans for your garden this summer? 

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