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Moving to a big girls bed | Safetots Review

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When we first moved in September we decided to keep Olive in her toddler bed until she was settled sharing a room with Megan. This left the older 2 using their bunk beds as two singles. However it soon became apparent that Charlie needed a high sleeper/cabin type bed as he had no room for storage. Once this was sorted it seemed silly to have the bunk beds and a toddler bed up in the girls room so with a heavy heart we said goodbye to the toddler bed. The frame had originally been purchased for Charlie 7 years ago! We'd replaced the mattress but it still felt like we were saying goodbye to probably the last piece of baby/toddler equipment! My children are all growing up!!!

Having a full size bed it great and so much easier! Duvet covers are cheaper in single size and there is more variety than in toddler bed size. Olive was excited to have her Frozen duvet cover on and lots of cuddly friends living at the foot of the bed. Now there is one thing you really need to consider about a single bed. It's much higher than a toddler bed – which is great for under the bed storage! BUT rubbish if you have a fidgety preschooler! After a few nights of loud bumps, followed by whimpers or even on occasion just finding Olive asleep on the floor we knew we needed a bed rail before she had a proper accident.

The Safetots bed rail simply slides mattress until it touches the bed. What I liked about this bed rail is that it was easy to assemble, folds flat for storage, has its own carry case which is great for travelling or nights away and most importantly the bed rail has an L-plate safety belt. You literally slot the L shape under the mattress on the other side and adjust the belt! This bed rail is not going anywhere! The weight of the mattress provides extra security for the bed rail to stay in place. I think Olive likes it too as she has a cocooned area to sleep in now rather than a wide open space.

safetots bed rail

At £19.99 the Safetots bed rail is a sound investment and comes in a variety of colours.

Disclosure we were sent this product to review but opinions are all our own

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