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Doll choices for a 4 year old

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It's Olive's 4th Birthday next week. 4, the number that comes after 3 and signifies the quick progression into “big school” wearing a uniform and developing an attitude! Where did my tiny baby go? I still pinch myself that after her bleak diagnosis she's here at all let alone nearly 4! Having an older brother and sister (and friends who are all huge in comparison) means she gets a lot of hand me downs, which we don't mind at all, but it does mean birthdays and Christmas can be hard. For her birthday last year she had a bike which she loves and is currently wobbling around with one stabiliser on. For Christmas they all had pimped scooters and the girls plethora of Frozen toys. Olive also had a large wooden dolls house (gotta love Tesco Clubcard points) so we are pretty much sorted.

For weeks I've been asking Olive what she would like for her birthday to which she has replied each time with either nothing or Frozen slippers. Helpful! Frozen slippers already purchased I decided I might extend our doll collection. Olive has a lot of baby dolls (unlike Megan who was never very interested she's more of a Sylvanian Families fan) and loves playing with her pushchair outside.

Taking BB shopping bought this pushchair for her 2nd birthday from @kiddicare she still loves it 😃

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You would not believe the minefield that is buying a doll for a 4 year old! I wanted to move away from the Disney Princess style toddler dolls (which I know she loves) and introduce her to something new. When did there get to be so much choice!!

You've got the my little BABY born® Bathing Fun not only can this doll drink and wet her nappy, but is also fully bathable too. my little BABY born® Bathing Fun encapsulates all the best bits of caring and nurturing role play patterns – giving water to drink, bathing and nappy changing! Suitable for ages one year and above and priced at around £19.99. In my day you had to shake the doll on it's back in order for it to release some weak baaaa sound like some mutant baby crossed with a sheep.

You can't look at dolls without checking out the UK’s favourite large nurturing doll, Baby Annabell®. Who is now set to make toilet training easier with her super cute potty and realistic toilet sounds, applause sounds and the Baby Annabell® jingle (OMG!). The Baby Annabell® doll features are lifelike, which make role play with her extremely realistic and interactive. These functions include the recently added rocking function, eye and mouth movement when she is sucking on her bottle or dummy and real tears are produced when she drinks water. Then if she becomes upset, little ones can gently stroke her cheeks or pat her back to soothe her (WHAT! My kids don't soothe me when I'm upset!). The potty retails at around £17.99, and the doll around £49.99 and both are suitable for children of 3 years and over. Although I think Olive would love this it does freak me out a little!

doll choices 

I've also seen a lot of reviews/competitions in the blogger world with Lottie Doll so I thought I'd check her out too. The Lottie Doll is kind of like the anti Barbie/Bratz doll which I try to avoid like the plague! She's age appropriate, has a child like figure, ethically diverse and gets involved with relevant games/activities to our children. I really liked the Pony Club doll and fossil hunter!! Priced from £16.99 they make a great natural alternative and are more a playmate than a baby doll.

I also then looked at mini dolls which I thought would suit Olive's wooden dolls house giving her a new game to play. I found these cute and quirky CHOU CHOU Birdies Minidolls. Each mini CHOU CHOU Birdies Minidolls comes with a super cute mini CHOU CHOU Birdie Pet Friend and look how cute are their outfits! They are so sweet I think I may need a couple to decorate my office! The mini CHOU CHOU Birdies Minidolls are priced at £7.99 and suitable for children of 3 years and older.

So what did I get … you shall have to wait until next week! 

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