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Vintage Bug Hotel | 30 Days Wild | Day One

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Regular readers of my blog will know we have been working on introducing wildlife to our garden. We now have lots of birds, bugs, including bees and frogs utilising our feeders, baths and bug hotels.  For day one of #30dayswild I thought I'd show you just how easy it is to make a small bug hotel. I've used a vintage milk jug and a small crook hook to make this little cutie! 

bug hotel what you need

What you will need :-

  • A vintage jug. This one I already had but you can find them for under £1 in the charity shop. 
  • Scissors 
  • A length of bamboo
  • Drinking straws, 
  • Sticks and twigs 
  • Crook Hook (if you don't have one you could always screw a hook or nail into the fence)

First of all cut the bamboo and straws down into random lengths but not too long, so that the sit nicely inside the jug.  I had the jug upright on the table and just poked everything inside. There's no order, no right or wrong just fill it up! You are done once it is full and none of the bits fell out once its hanging.  If you wanted to be a bit neater you could tie all the bits (bamboo, sticks and straws) together then insert into the jug.  

vintage bug hotel

How cute does this look! 

This took me about 10/15 minutes and cost me nothing as we had everything. It's a really fast simple activity you could even do with the children. Olive found a ladybird and rehomed him in there the other day. 

Top Tip : If you have any left over bamboo tie it in a bundle and place inside a bush. Leave for a week or so, retrieve and tap it over a piece of white paper. The children will be amazed by all the little insects living inside. 

Don't forget there are 30 days in June so still plenty of time to sign up for #30DaysWild

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