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Climbing Trees | 30 Days Wild | Day Two

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Being outdoors is a simple joy. It takes very little planning and yeilds a whole host of emotions and developmental milestones. One of our favourite outdoor activities is climbing trees. The Moo's climb a tree at least once a week.


#30dayswild today I'm writing about #climbingtrees do you let your children climb trees? #countrykids

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Taking risks is an inevitable part of life. If we hold our children back from this at such a young age we jeopardise the confidence of a future generation of scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians too afraid to climb a simple tree, to afraid to take risks.

We have always ensured that the Moo's understand that trees can be dangerous, snapping branches, risk of falling and therefore they know they cannot climb a tree without first asking. Is this tree OK to climb? The adult then talks the child through the pros and cons and a decision is made (are the branches thick enough, is there enough branches to climb up, is there a nice thick branch to sit on hold your weight? Etc etc …) They also know that whilst climbing a tree an adult must be available to help (bit of bottom pushing) or mostly just be there as a cheer squad, guide and if they need help getting back down. 

Just climbing Nanny's tree #wildlife #50things #countrykids

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Climbing trees gives your child a different perspective on the world.

avon olive

You learn about balance and co-ordination 

climbing trees charlie moo

It makes you smile!

climbing rapuzels hair

You can use your imagination and pretend you are climbing Rapunzel's hair or scaling a mountain. 

best friends climbing trees

It's fun to do with friends

climb inside trees

If you don't like climbing up why not see if you can scramble inside or find a fairy door

hug a tree

Or just give a tree a hug!

Climbing trees is simple free-fun. Stop panicking and enjoy! When was the last time you climbed a tree?

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  1. I love this blog post and a subject close to our hearts in our family. Both my girls love climbing trees, yes it's not just boys who engage in this type of activity. Whenever we are outdoors, if there are trees we usually search out one that can be climbed or used in imaginative play. In fact when we visit one of our local play parks they much prefer playing in amongsts trees than on the play frames...the trees offer more of a challenge and a creative setting for play ideas.

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  2. I love that statistic, well, I don't like kids getting hurt by TV of course, but it makes you think. Being outdoors makes me happy and the kids and the further away from proper play equipment generally the happier we are ;) Gorgeous pics!

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