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Button Flower Bouquet | Crafting with Buttons

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Making #button #bouquet thanks @theprmummy for the suggestion

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When Grandma died I inherited a couple of large tins of buttons. The girls had loads of buttons for crafting and I really wanted to make something lovely with them. I spent hours mulling over pinterest but couldn't find anything that we could all make together. Until Emma (The PR Mummy) suggested a button bouquet. I found a couple of different ways to make them and set about using Daddy Moo's bonsai wire! We did this as a family activity all sat round the table which was lovely! Daddy Moo did have to give some of the flowers a tighten as it is quite hard to wind tight when you are 3/6/8yrs.

Even the boys are making them #button #flowers #bouquet

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There is no right or wrong way to how you do this. Ultimately you want to make a beautiful bouquet so the more variety in your flowers the better.  We used two different techniques the children's wire was folded in half and they threaded the buttons through both holes. Once it was finished they wound it up tight. I went for the single piece, threaded the buttons through on onside turned it over and went back through the other then wound it tight. It doesn't make a huge amount of difference, just the first way the children found much easier. 

making button flowers

button flowers

Once you have a few stems start tying them together to form a bouquet. I used proper florist tape, as it's stretchy, forgiving and really cheap, plus you can layer it up. 

button flowers stem

You can see that one of the children added some green hama beads to their stem. I'm still not finished but I think this is the beauty of the craft that you can make more and more! I've some silver buttons with stags on that I'd like to make a few statement flowers from. 

#button #flowers #crafting

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