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Den Day | Save the Children | #30DaysWild

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I like making dens. Because you can hide in them. Yesterday we made dens at school for Save The Children. It was fun. Here is what you need to make dens in your garden.

What equipment you need:

  • waterproof cover

  • bamboo

  • string

  • twigs

  • wood

  • blanket

  • cardboard boxes



  1. put the blanket on the floor

  2. rap the string around the bamboo

  3. put the waterproof cover on the top of it

  4. play and hide in it with your friends


I hope you like your den.

by Charlie

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(PS Mummy I am 8 now! I need a new banner!)


I like making dens because you cane make yourself camouflage and

this is how to make a boxbed


You will need :

  1. big box

  2. 3 blankets

  3. pillow cover


First you get the box and put the pillow cover in the box

then you make yourself cosy with the 2 blanket Next you get in last of all you put the 3 blanket over The box and that’s how

to make a boxbed

by Megan

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